You've Got Mail

Some say the internet is the devil.

     There are definitely ways it is used that aren't good.  Most ways are exploitive.  From pronography to bullying, to taking advantage of others or giving false information on purpose there are certainly negative parts to the easily available information.

     There are as many good things about it as well.  The amount of distance from family members and loved ones doesn't seem to exist with the internet.  You can communicate "face to face" through the computer no matter where you are.  This is great for spouses and parents who travel.  You don't have to miss as much and families and friends can stay more connected.

Remember The Jetsons  cartoon and how far fetched it seemed?  The boss would come on the tv and now we have Face Time.  We have caught up to the cartoon in so many ways.  I just wish sometimes I had a flying car to avoid traffic!  That's something I am not eager to see.  We have a hard enough time on the ground with cell phone use to be flying everywhere.

     What I love about the internet when it comes to my jewelry is the fact I can get materials from other places without a passport.  I have my favorite materials and I love getting them from the source.  They feel so much more authentic that way.  I have a couple of places I regularly order from and communicate with the sellers.  With one, our time is almost exactly opposite, though, so it takes a little longer because I message her while she is asleep and she responds while I am asleep!

     I ordered from a new place and I got the notice that I needed to sign for it so I went to get it yesterday.  I don't go to the post office, we have a building that is a sorting facility.  You go to one door and you are in a very small probably 5'x5' box and you ring the bell and they open the window, that is part of the door so you can't see through.  I say 5'x5' because while I was roasting waiting for them to come to the "window" I was thinking I don't think I could fully lie down in here if I pass out.

     They get my notice and I see her walking all over the warehouse looking place.  There is a desk in the distance and about 5 women working.  The lady is walking all over and it looked like she went to the desk, but I couldn't see from something blocking it.  The women are talking and I get really nervous.

I would love to go visit a lot of places outside the United States.  There are so many different customs and manners and languages you really need to learn about a place before you go.  I have a fear of doing something that is not a big deal here being mistaken there and them putting me in a jail.  It happens!

I am watching these women thinking it has never taken this long to get my mail.  I start panicking I think because I am so hot, opening just the upper half of the door didn't help much and I am not thinking clearly.  I start thinking, what if my package had something bad in it and they are stalling until the police come.  I see a different lady coming my way with papers in her hands.  I am really sweating now because I ordered beads, they should be in a little box.  As she gets closer, I almost start blurting out what I ordered and it's the first time.......  Thank goodness my mind went blank because she just smiled and went by the door into another room.  In my paranoia and heat stroke I thought she was coming for me.  Finally the lady comes back and has my little box.

I am so relieved and drenched with sweat.  I get home and I think I am a little dehydrated and I try to open the box. I get nervous again. It is packaged well, I think they could have gotten anything through in there.  I finally get it and it is exactly what I ordered and more beautiful than the photos!

Whew! And, this is why I don't travel.

I can't wait to work with these and I really appreciate the plastic box they sent them in.


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