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*****We are working on our website for charms.  This will be our web address and we will have a page for our blog on the site.  Please keep checking in for the new site with our charms.*****   Thankful Thursday #73 Maundy Thursday I am so thankful for so many things everyday.                      I love this time of year.  The earth is waking up from Winter and color is being placed all over with beautiful blooming flowers and trees.  A sign from God that things once dead are alive again.  What a symbolic way to bring in Easter.  I have always loved Easter.  Christmas can be emotional with commercials of people being good to each other and the whole reason for the season is very special to our hearts.  A new baby brings hope and innocence and Jesus's birth meant exactly those things.      Easter is an even more emotional time for me than Christmas.  The thought that God sacrificed His son for our sins and what Jesus went through, especially in the days leading to His crucifixion, i

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