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I am so thankful for so many things everyday.

I love the moon.  It is just beautiful and controls so many things.  It has always been a family joke that the moon has a big affect on me.  My mom has always had a calendar in the kitchen and on days when I would be "a handful" she would check the phase of the moon.

The Spring of my senior year in high school I had broken up with my boyfriend of two years and I decided not to go to my prom.  One of my guy best friends wasn't going to let me miss it.  We were always just really great friends, but my sister and his brother are childhood sweethearts and married with 5 children.  The night he told me I wasn't going to miss my senior prom, he said, "wait a second" and I heard him go into the kitchen.  He came back to my room with a thumbs up and said, "I am going to take you."  I knew what he did.  He went and checked the phase of the moon.

My new charm was delivered a couple of days before Thanksgiving. …

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