Thankful Thursday #68

I am so thankful for so many things everyday.

Although it hasn't felt like October in Georgia, we are definitely in the month of all things spooky and even spookier, getting close to Christmas.  Time has no mercy and just goes so fast, doesn't it?

Different gemstones remind me of different times of the year.  Beautiful, yellow Heliodor looks like Spring to me.  Rubies and Emeralds look like Christmas.  I love Chrysoprase and Chrysocolla for Fall.  The green reminds me of apples.  I know they are usually associated with red, but I love green apples.  In the right color, they can also look like chocolate mint ice cream!

I have this pair in my Etsy shop with Rose Gold Filled components:

Green Apple Chocolate Chrysoprase

I made this pair last week.  I love the saucer shape and long, statement earrings are so trendy!

Peruvian Chrysocolla 14k Gold Filled Earrings

I have never gone apple picking, have you?  I think it's crazy I am 48 and have never been. My grandparents used to have apple trees so we would get them there.  I am in north Georgia, but just a little above Atlanta.  There are a few counties more north that have places to pick apples and they have other Fall things to do.  I might have to check one of them out!  When the kids were younger they were always involved in sports on the weekends.  By the time we were done with games, the day was over and everyone was too tired to go pick their own apples.  I find that there are some things we enjoy doing now that they are in their early 20's.  They are still busy with school and work, but kids today are just overwhelmed with extra curricular activities.  Sports used to be fun and a learning experience but they are so competetive today. 

I might have to see if I can get my kids to go with me.  I can promise them a pie from the apples we pick.  That always works!  I can always bribe them with food!

What is your favorite thing about this time of year?  Any advice for a day of apple picking???


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