Thursday, April 26, 2018

Thankful Thursday #42

I am so thankful for so many things everyday.

When you have kids close together you think about when they are little and doing bottles and diapers at one time.  You don't think about having teenagers for years or teaching them to drive back to back.  You also have graduations (and college tuition!) that fall close together.

My youngest graduated from high school last year and my oldest graduates from college in a couple of weeks.

As they get older, they are less dependent on us and when you have had, in my case, three kids within 5 years of each other it seems like I enter phases and leave them at one time.

My kids all live at home and commute to the local university so I haven't had to deal with separation.  They all come and go and I can't keep up with their schedules, but at night we are all under one roof.

I know what is going to happen.  It will seem like they all leave at one time too.  But, I am not going to think about that today.  I am glad they still need me.  Just when I think they are grown, someone asks my help.

My daughter is getting ready for graduation and she had a photo shoot yesterday.  She has a friend who is a great photographer and she took some really cute photos with her cap and gown.  One of the fun things graduates from college do are they decorate their graduation cap.  There are some really fun ideas!  Sydney asked me to help her with her cap and this is what we did!

Someone in the house is always watching a Friends rerun!

She is getting ready to move into a new exciting chapter of her life.  I am moving into an exciting time too!  I have some new charms coming in and I absolutely CANNOT wait to see them!  I am constantly  adding to my collection.  We were working on a new design yesterday.  The company I use to make the charms has some really cool new options that are fun and will look different than you will find anywhere else.

I am also working with someone to get my online shop going.  I will still have my Etsy shop, but I am excited to branch out and have another shop.  We are coming up with great ideas and a new, refreshed look.

This is my girl.  I couldn't be more proud of her.  She has a heart of gold and the most fun personality.  This is from her photo shoot.

Mother's Day is coming up!  If you still need a gift, I have some really pretty things in my shop.

Click on the picture to go to my shop.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Thankful Thursday #41

I am so thankful for so many things everyday.

It finally feels like Spring here and the sun is out.  I have been very busy.  I have a festival this weekend and I am trying to get everything ready.

I love festivals.  It reminds me of carnivals, county fairs, and anything of that nature.  Fun games, sometimes rides, and there is always some kind of magic.

I am thankful for magic.  I think we all need that feeling of mystery and wonder.  I love a good card trick.  My dad has one that is so good.  It's a long story and the way the cards go along with it is amazing.  I need to get a video of him doing it.  When I do, I will have to post it.  It is the best trick.

I saw on the news about David Copperfield having to reveal his secret to a trick he has performed for years.  I know someone got hurt and I don't know the details enough to even have an opinion on it, but it does make me sad he has to give it away.

My family, and I mean family consisting of aunts uncles and cousins and grandparents, went to Las Vegas a few times.  On one of our trips, I was around 17 and we got tickets to see David Copperfield.  A few of us got there early to get seats and a young guy came to our table and asked if I wanted to be in the show.  That was a no brainer!

Copperfield asked a question in the audience and when I raised my hand like I was told to do, he picked me and I was given just a couple of simple instructions for on stage.  He levitated me. I have no idea how he did it.  It is a little bit of a blur.  I always said he hypnotized me with his gorgeous brown eyes!  After the show, everyone wanted to know how he did it, but I was just as amazed at everyone else.  And, I got to go home saying I was in a Las Vegas show!

I might need David Copperfield to help me finish getting ready for Saturday.  I have a lot of things ready, I just always feel like I need to have more.  I am excited about the new earrings and necklace cards I got.

I will post pictures after the festival Saturday!

Also, speaking of magic and things, I am working on a store here.  The computer is a big mystery to me, kind of like a magic trick, but slowly I am getting better at it!

I also have two new charms coming in!  One design will be perfect for summer nights and the other is really "groovy."  You will soon see what I mean!

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Saturday the 14th

There was a movie, Staurday the 14th,  when I was younger joking about what happens on the day after Friday the 13th.

I think everyone has a little bit of superstition in them. I know I do.  I don't like it, though.  I have such a strong faith and know there is no such thing as good and bad luck, but I fall into certain things almost as a habit.

I have my own quirks.  My dad has always had them.  His grandfather did too and he spent a lot of time with him and picked up some of them.  My dad is like me, he doesn't like it and tries not to give in to them, but sometimes we do things without thinking.

It's funny, though, that 13 happens to be my lucky number.  It's a long story, but I was in my high school beauty pageant and we drew numbers.  I was in the 9th grade and drew #13.  My really good friend was in 11th grade and sitting next to me.  She knew I didn't want that number and she swapped with me.  Neither of us did anything that year, but the next year, her senior year, she won the pageant.  The following year, my 11th grade year, I drew #13 again.  This time I decided to keep it.  Well, I won the pageant that year and my good friend who swapped with me before crowned me.  We were really good friends and I ended up being in her wedding a couple of years later.  My sister won the pageant three years later and my daughter won in 2012.  It is a big deal in our "little town."

My friend to the left as reigning queen the night I won and me to the right in white.

My sister the year she won.

My daughter in 2012.  The pageant had changed into a scholarship pageant over the years and involved a lot of service hours which she loved.  It definitely impacted her and why she went on to get a degree in psychology.  She graduates college next month!

She also won Miss Congeniality that night.

Some superstitions came about because people couldn't find explanations.  Black cats are associated with witches, spilling salt is bad luck.  Salt was a precious commodity in ancient societies and spilling it was a wasteful and careless act.  It was believed the devil stood behind the left shoulder waiting for a way in and spilling the salt was a kind of invitation.  Throwing the salt would go into the devil's eyes blinding him and taking away his power.  Not walking under a ladder and breaking a mirror are also more common superstitions.

I find the origin of some superstitions that have to do with brides very disturbing!  A fun part of a wedding reception is when the groom tosses the bride's garter.  This comes from ancient times when bridal gowns were considered blessed.  By the end of the night, a bride would have her clothes ripped from her by guests as they were all trying to get a piece of the blessed garments.  In medieval times, if an unmarried man got the garter it was believed it would ensure they would be next to find a beautiful and fertile wife.  This would lead to  the bride being mobbed as she stood at the altar!  With the church protesting, the tradition became the groom removing the garter and tossing it from a window to men below.

Wedding cakes in Roman times were made of nuts, wheat, fruit, and honey which were symbols of wealth and fertility.  The rather violent custom consisted of the cake being broken over the bride's head to ensure a fertile and prosperous future and the guests would all fight to pick up the crumbs for good luck. In keeping with this today, everyone has a piece of cake and even pieces are taken home to those who weren't able to be there.

There are also some crazy, more uncommon ones.  I remember my grandfather giving me a set of knives one time, but made me give him a penny for them. Giving someone something with a blade like knives or scissors can  possibly sever a relationship so you give a coin in return.  Unless you don't like someone, then maybe I have just given you a great gift idea for them!

Don't go home after a funeral.  It might result in a spirit following you home.  In Lithuania, it is forbidden to whistle indoors because it is believed to summon demons.  A German superstition comes from Greek believing if you cheers with water you are wishing death upon the people you are drinking with.  Ok, I don't want credit for that one if you use it! Haha!  A Japanese superstition is to avoid sleeping with your head to the North because that is the way the dead are laid to rest.  It is the same in Africa for the same reason, but avoiding laying your head to the west.

In Britain, it's bad luck to put your shoes on the table.  Years ago, placing someone's shoes on a table was a way of letting their family know they had passed on.  Today, it is just gross and bad manners.

Itchy palms?  In Turkey if your right hand itches you are supposed to come into money, but if it's the left you are to lose money.  In France, stepping in dog poop is good luck if it's the left foot, but bad luck if it's the right.  And, I don't care where you are, please don't put those shoes on the table!

According to an Italian superstition if an owl ends up in your house, it means a family death.  My family has always heard this, but about birds in general getting in the house.  I used to live in a house down the street before we moved into my brother's house a couple of years ago.  For about 4 years in a row in the old house during Spring, I had mourning doves build a nest and I don't know if it was the same mama and daddy bird, but we would get three rounds of babies.  It was fun to watch.  They had their nest on a covered porch and my dad said that might still be considered part of the house but I had to let them do what they were supposed to.

And, I don't know if we need to be mad at all of you knitters, but an Iceland belief is if you knit outside the house it will prolong Winter and keep the frigid temps.  Ok, I am not sure about this one.  We are talking about ICELAND and how many people do anything outside there??!!!

It is really eerie if Friday the 13th happens around Halloween.  I love Halloween anyway.  This year the good thing about having the 13th of April on a Friday means that the 15th falls on a Sunday giving extra time for taxes.  That's good luck however you look at it!

Thinking about superstitions, I refreshed my Sugar Skull earrings in my shop.  I had them listed before Halloween, but with Cinco de Mayo coming up they would be perfect!  I added one more pair to the listing.

Aqua Blue Green Czech Glass Sugar Skull Sterling Silver Earrings

Beige and Copper Czech Glass Sugar Skull Sterling Silver Earrings

Blue and Black Czech Glass Sugar Skull Sterling Silver Earrings

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Thankful Thursday #40

I am so thankful for so many things everyday.

I have talked about the women in my family.  My whole blog name and inspiration for my jewelry comes from generations of women on both sides of my family. I have been so blessed by strong, wonderful, Christian women.

I am also thankful for the men in my family.  It is a very special relationship between grandparents and grandchildren.  I am thankful for the relationships I have had and have with mine.

My grandfather, Tom Ed, was a character.  He loved teasing people and had a great sense of humor.  He was a great golfer and a gentleman who would do anything for anyone.  He called everyone "hun."  I think it's sad that this generation of hat tipping, sweet talking men is too soon going to be a thing of the past.  We lost Tom Ed in December 2009.  My heart has been in pieces since losing my grandmother, Betty, in October of 1998.  What pieces remained, shattered even more the week of Christmas 2009. I miss them both very much. If you are wondering why I called them by their names, they were young grandparents, in their 30's when I was born.  They didn't feel like they fit typical grandparent names, so I called them by their first names.

He was definitely a larger than life character. He was a tall 6' 4 and very athletic growing up.  He played all sports in high school and won state for pole vaulting.  He was quarterback of the same football team my son played for in high school.  When I say he was funny, he had all kinds of sayings and would tell the funniest stories.

To me, one of the funniest things he did was he had a picture of a very unattractive woman in his wallet.  I don't know where it came from, but he would talk to anyone and never met a stranger.  He would talk about his mama to someone he had just met.  He would say how wonderful she is and how much he loves her and her beauty and then he would pull out the picture JUST to see their expressions.  He was a kid at heart.  When the fart machine came out it was his favorite toy.  He loved to get on elevators or in a doctor's office and have it in his pocket and hit the button, again, just to see people's reactions. I know that's terrible, but it was also funny.

His grandchildren were sometimes his favorite subjects.  He loved taking out his teeth and scaring us. He would always joke about his nose.  It was big, but he was a tall man.  He would tell my kids when they were little how they had his nose.  Every single time, they would feel of their nose I guess checking to see if it had grown.

On a serious note,Tom Ed wrote beautiful poetry. He was very spiritual and saw things in such a unique way.  I did a project in 10th grade on all of his poems.

I have one in particular that is my favorite.  He wrote it and gave it to my mother not long after I was born.

Every day to me is April
Even in Summer, Winter, or Fall
For April brought me Spring
And I love her most of all.

For in the Spring, the flowers bloom
And all the leaves turn green.
Dead things are awakened
And birds begin to sing.

I love her like my own,
I love her like a father,
So now my friend I'll tell you,
She is my first granddaughter.

This is my favorite picture of me and Tom Ed. I was around 18.

He loved all kids.  This picture was taken in Daytona Beach. We always liked going to the Salty Dog surf shop.  All of his grandchildren were on the trip so he wanted to take us to get Oakley sunglasses. There were a couple of kids from home on the trip staying at the same place.  He took all of us. He wouldn't have taken any if he couldn't have included all the kids. He bought us all a pair of sunglasses and the kids that went with us talked about that for years.  

He was so much fun and so giving. Everyone who knew him loved him.  He would do anything for anyone. If you messed with him or someone he loved he would let you know, but was a loving and caring man.  He had a saying for when he saw someone he didn't really get along with or had a problem with in the past.  He would say, "we passed and repassed."  He could speak, but didn't stop for conversation. He had a very strong faith and wasn't embarrassed to tell you about it.

We just learned not to stand next to him in a crowded elevator!

I made these this morning and will be posting them soon!

Beautiful African White Opal, Raw Pink Rubelite Tourmaline and Karen Hill Tribe Beads

Chariote and Karen Hill Tribe Beads with Sterling Silver 24k Gold Vermeil Style Flower Charm

Natural Genuine Indian Leather and Karen Hill Tribe beads with  Sterling Silver Flower Charm

Saturday, April 7, 2018

"Gift From The Sun"

I think all of America can agree on one thing.  We are tired of Winter and ready for Spring to behave.

We had a good couple of days here in Georgia, but it got cool again and we have had so much rain and it's back today.  I am so tired of rain.  I know the whole, April showers bring May flowers, thing, but March was so overcast and rainy.

I am ready for sunny, warm, and dry weather.  I know you guys with snow are definitely ready for a change!

I ordered and got in some beautiful new gemstones this week.  One kind in particular stood out and I made a few pieces yesterday.

They are made with Amber, Honey, Yellow Heliodor.  It is part of the beryl family like Emerald and Aquamarine.  It was found sometime between 1910-1913.  I found a couple of conflicting years, but it is named from the Greek for "gift from the sun."  These beautiful little golden pieces of Heaven look like the sun and are so bright and cheery it was easy to get inspired while working with them.

They are also called golden beryl.  Which sounds like golden bear, and they do like the color of the bears filled with honey at the store!
In this pair of earrings I had to resist my temptation not to add too much.  I love my Karen Hill Tribe beads and putting them with gemstones, but the yellow of the Heliodor and the White African Opal looked so lovely together they didn't need accenting. Just click on any title and it will take you to the listing.

Amber Honey Heliodor and African White Opal

I also got in cornflower blue Kyanite that looks like a pretty blue sky so I added them in with the yellow.  I did put Karen Hill Tribe silver beads with these.  They really make the blue pop!

Honey Heliodor and Blue Kyanite

These are White Silverite (titanium coated) Sapphire cube stones.  I have 925 Sterling Silver Pave Diamond wheel spacer beads between them and the Heliodor.  These turned out really pretty.  I have them on ear threaders, but can put them on any kind of ear wire.

White Silverite Sapphire Pave Diamond Honey Heliodor

This pair is Green Onyx with Pave Rose Cut Diamond spacers.  The color of green is gorgeous and one day I will go to a place that has that color of water.  They are also on Sterling Silver ear threaders with the U arch that cradles the ear lobe for a more secure and stable fit.

Emerald Green Onyx Pave Rose Cut Diamond

I will be listing these later today.  They are African White Opal, Herkimer Diamond, and AAA quality Black Diamond Nuggets on Oxidized Sterling Silver chain and 925 Sterling Silver ear wires.

I am so excited about these coming soon additions.  I am working on them to get them ready for listing.  They are Genuine Natural Lead Free Dye Indian Leather Cord necklaces with Sterling Silver clasps and ends and a variety of Karen Hill Tribe Silver beads and Sterling Silver charms.  I have so many pretty colors and such a variety of charms and beads! I am adding some of the Pave Rose Cut Diamond charms to them also. The bottom two are necklaces for men.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Thankful Thursday #39

I am so thankful for so many things everyday.

I love music.  All kinds.  I don't have a musically talented bone in my body, but I love music.  I can't play an instrument, have a terrible singing voice, and can't dance, but I still love music.  I think everyone does.

Seriously, I don't think I have ever heard of anyone who doesn't like some kind of musical sounds.

Even the birds singing can be considered music to me.

I am thankful I was a teenager and grew up in the best decade of music.... the '80's.

I went through a little bit of a Madonna inspired fashion look in high school.  I loved wearing lace head scarves and had several neon colors.  I still love bold and bright colors so I definitely found the biggest colors to wear. I feel silly now, but at the time, thought short skirts went perfectly with high top tennis shoes!  I don't like wearing high heels.  I am only 5'3 1/2, so I need them, but have always loved my tennis shoes in all kinds of styles.  And, yes, I fight for that 1/2 inch.  My family says it doesn't exist, but I differ.  I reach my kids' shoulders and I have to make up for wearing flat shoes.

I don't know what I was thinking here!  The boots!!!

This is my sister and her now husband at one of their high school proms.

I love this picture of my sister and my grandmother, Betty.  Betty is the inspiration behind my custom charms with traditional church hymns.  She was always "fixed."  Her hair was always done and make up on.  My other grandmother is still that way.  I guess it was in their generation to always be presentable.  They came from the days of vacuuming in a dress and pearls.

This family picture of four generations is a definite 80's picture.

These were taken one year when we went to New York.  My young cousin, Joseph is in the middle and he always paid attention to what he wore.  He went through the Michael Jackson, one glove, period like almost all boys did then!

Gosh, my sister on Christmas morning, or me even sitting around my bedrom, I always had my hair curled and sprayed to where it wouldn't move!  I wear it a lot more flat today and it is so much easier, but I still tease the roots for a little lift to my baby fine hair.  I would perm and bleach it in high school.

This was the end of the decade, fall of '89, my freshman year in college.  Both of these pictures are from sorority formals.

I always talk about our summer trips to Daytona Beach.  The '80's wouldn't be complete without concerts.  One year when we were in Daytona the Pointer Sisters were playing at the Ocean Center and we found out they were staying at our hotel.  We stayed up all night trying to see them.  We missed them, but their opening act was a comedian.  We thought we knew their room number, but found out it was his when we called it.  He gave us 10 free tickets on the floor to the concert.  He didn't get my name I was so excited so he left the tickets at the front desk for the Petunia Gardner family.  His name was Mark McCollum, a great comedian who we later saw on Star Search.  At the end of his opening act he said, "I hope the Gardner family is having a great time."  It made our night!  The next morning, we assumed they were all long gone, but were "So Excited" (haha) to see one of the sisters!  This picture is Ruth Pointer with her daughter and my sister and brother.  I must have been taking the picture.

I have these pretty music note charms for earrings.  I will list them later today in my shop.  They are 925 Sterling Silver 24k Gold Vermeil Style Charms on 14/20 Gold Filled ear threaders.  The beads are Ghana vinyl beads.......ACTUALLY made from vinyl records!

Please keep checking in on here and in my Etsy shop (click here).  I have some gorgeous new materials and new designs and will be posting and listing new pieces as I make them.