Thankful Thursday #42

I am so thankful for so many things everyday.

When you have kids close together you think about when they are little and doing bottles and diapers at one time.  You don't think about having teenagers for years or teaching them to drive back to back.  You also have graduations (and college tuition!) that fall close together.

My youngest graduated from high school last year and my oldest graduates from college in a couple of weeks.

As they get older, they are less dependent on us and when you have had, in my case, three kids within 5 years of each other it seems like I enter phases and leave them at one time.

My kids all live at home and commute to the local university so I haven't had to deal with separation.  They all come and go and I can't keep up with their schedules, but at night we are all under one roof.

I know what is going to happen.  It will seem like they all leave at one time too.  But, I am not going to think about that today.  I am glad they still need me.  Just when I think they are grown, someone asks my help.

My daughter is getting ready for graduation and she had a photo shoot yesterday.  She has a friend who is a great photographer and she took some really cute photos with her cap and gown.  One of the fun things graduates from college do are they decorate their graduation cap.  There are some really fun ideas!  Sydney asked me to help her with her cap and this is what we did!

Someone in the house is always watching a Friends rerun!

She is getting ready to move into a new exciting chapter of her life.  I am moving into an exciting time too!  I have some new charms coming in and I absolutely CANNOT wait to see them!  I am constantly  adding to my collection.  We were working on a new design yesterday.  The company I use to make the charms has some really cool new options that are fun and will look different than you will find anywhere else.

I am also working with someone to get my online shop going.  I will still have my Etsy shop, but I am excited to branch out and have another shop.  We are coming up with great ideas and a new, refreshed look.

This is my girl.  I couldn't be more proud of her.  She has a heart of gold and the most fun personality.  This is from her photo shoot.

Mother's Day is coming up!  If you still need a gift, I have some really pretty things in my shop.

Click on the picture to go to my shop.


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