Thankful Thursday #39

I am so thankful for so many things everyday.

I love music.  All kinds.  I don't have a musically talented bone in my body, but I love music.  I can't play an instrument, have a terrible singing voice, and can't dance, but I still love music.  I think everyone does.

Seriously, I don't think I have ever heard of anyone who doesn't like some kind of musical sounds.

Even the birds singing can be considered music to me.

I am thankful I was a teenager and grew up in the best decade of music.... the '80's.

I went through a little bit of a Madonna inspired fashion look in high school.  I loved wearing lace head scarves and had several neon colors.  I still love bold and bright colors so I definitely found the biggest colors to wear. I feel silly now, but at the time, thought short skirts went perfectly with high top tennis shoes!  I don't like wearing high heels.  I am only 5'3 1/2, so I need them, but have always loved my tennis shoes in all kinds of styles.  And, yes, I fight for that 1/2 inch.  My family says it doesn't exist, but I differ.  I reach my kids' shoulders and I have to make up for wearing flat shoes.

I don't know what I was thinking here!  The boots!!!

This is my sister and her now husband at one of their high school proms.

I love this picture of my sister and my grandmother, Betty.  Betty is the inspiration behind my custom charms with traditional church hymns.  She was always "fixed."  Her hair was always done and make up on.  My other grandmother is still that way.  I guess it was in their generation to always be presentable.  They came from the days of vacuuming in a dress and pearls.

This family picture of four generations is a definite 80's picture.

These were taken one year when we went to New York.  My young cousin, Joseph is in the middle and he always paid attention to what he wore.  He went through the Michael Jackson, one glove, period like almost all boys did then!

Gosh, my sister on Christmas morning, or me even sitting around my bedrom, I always had my hair curled and sprayed to where it wouldn't move!  I wear it a lot more flat today and it is so much easier, but I still tease the roots for a little lift to my baby fine hair.  I would perm and bleach it in high school.

This was the end of the decade, fall of '89, my freshman year in college.  Both of these pictures are from sorority formals.

I always talk about our summer trips to Daytona Beach.  The '80's wouldn't be complete without concerts.  One year when we were in Daytona the Pointer Sisters were playing at the Ocean Center and we found out they were staying at our hotel.  We stayed up all night trying to see them.  We missed them, but their opening act was a comedian.  We thought we knew their room number, but found out it was his when we called it.  He gave us 10 free tickets on the floor to the concert.  He didn't get my name I was so excited so he left the tickets at the front desk for the Petunia Gardner family.  His name was Mark McCollum, a great comedian who we later saw on Star Search.  At the end of his opening act he said, "I hope the Gardner family is having a great time."  It made our night!  The next morning, we assumed they were all long gone, but were "So Excited" (haha) to see one of the sisters!  This picture is Ruth Pointer with her daughter and my sister and brother.  I must have been taking the picture.

I have these pretty music note charms for earrings.  I will list them later today in my shop.  They are 925 Sterling Silver 24k Gold Vermeil Style Charms on 14/20 Gold Filled ear threaders.  The beads are Ghana vinyl beads.......ACTUALLY made from vinyl records!

Please keep checking in on here and in my Etsy shop (click here).  I have some gorgeous new materials and new designs and will be posting and listing new pieces as I make them.  


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