Thankful Thursday #69

I am so thankful for so many things everyday.

I have had one of those weeks where there needs to be at least two of me to get the things done I want done.  I put myself on a schedule and some things there is no rush but this is where my impatience (one of my many flaws) comes in.

My younger son is so much like me in that way.  I try to tell him things, but then I realize he is just like me so not only do I understand, it makes it difficult to lecture to him.

Speaking of my younger son, he will be 21 next month.  It's so crazy.  Where in the world has the time gone!  He is the one I call my little MacGyver, even though he has NO idea who that is, because he can fix anything.  He is so smart.  He is a lot like my brother in that way.  He can hear or read something once and remember it making school and studying a lot easier.

Well, my "baby" got engaged a few weeks ago.  He has been with his fiancee for three years, they were high school sweethearts.  How they got together is kind of funny.  She was dating a friend of his, and he was asking her best friend to Homecoming.  His attempts to impress the girl he was trying to get to go to Homecoming with wasn't as impressed by his sweet gestures as her best friend.  His fiancee is Courtney and her boyfriend (Bailey) at the time weren't really getting along.  I am sure this happens a lot.  My parents met on a double date with other people. My son, Stratton, and Courtney laugh about the way they got together.  Stratton, always says I no longer have a friend named Bailey, but I got Courtney.  In their defense, kids go off to college and there aren't many people that were high school sweethearts end up getting married today.

When he proposed, I wanted to give her a gift, but I didn't know what to get.  Then, I thought about a charm.  This is the artwork and design I came up with.  I love what it says, "Marriage makes us family, Love makes you a daughter."

It's perfect for her.  She is so sweet and they are just perfect together.  They remind me of my mom and dad (Stratton is like a clone of my dad anyway) who are still together 49 years later.

I am listing this in my shop soon.  I am trying to get my Sweet Tea and Sisters website finished up. is the new address and I have wholesale information on there.

I am so thankful for this beautiful, sweet girl who will officially be a member of our family next year.  In my heart, she has already been a member long ago!


  1. I wish you will always be happy and live positive life.

    1. Thank you so very much and I hope and pray the same for you!


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