Monday, October 30, 2017

Stratton's Nascar Experience

Are you a Nascar fan?

My son got to do the Nascar Racing Experience yesterday.  His sweet girlfriend gave it to him as a gift.  He had been looking so forward to it!  It was supposed to be on Saturday, but it was cancelled because of rain and yesterday was so cold.  It was an unusually cold day for here.  It was in the 40s and the wind made it just hurt.  BUT, it was so much fun watching him be so excited and watching her watching him enjoy it.  They are the sweetest couple.  They are so considerate of one another and you can easily see how much they love one another.

I don't watch Nascar very often.  I think all boys love cars.  I remember my brother having his collection of Hot Wheels.  My grandparents and my uncle Jimmy are very big fans.  My daughter and my grandfather share their birthday and it is February 18th.  I remember we were out to dinner for their birthdays that year and the race had been on and that's when Dale Earnhardt passed away.  That was such a sad day for so many.

They have a class before you get to drive the car.  We were all able to sit in on it and I was nervous enough, but it was really scary when they told them what to do if they wrecked or if the car caught on fire.  It was a lot of information!  I said I would have needed to listen to it a few times to get all of it.

Oh, and I didn't know the steering wheel comes off.  They told them to pull on it really good to make sure it is on right!  I looked at my daughter a couple of times when they said really scary things.  Stratton even looked at me a couple of times!  His girlfriend, Courtney, got concerned after listening to everything.  She told him he didn't have to do it, but he was so excited, there's no way he was going to back out.

The thing I thought was most interesting was that he had someone talking to him over headset the whole time.  The guy teaching the class told them not to look around or worry about anything but what is ahead.  There aren't rear view mirrors in the cars.

It was such a neat thing to me, hearing this, because it is such a lesson for everyday life.  We all are in our own "lane" and we shouldn't worry what everyone else is doing. We can't see everything and don't know everyone else's intentions or their experiences and where they are coming from.  All we can do is look ahead and listen to the voice in the headset who gives us all we need.  God is that voice and if we listen to Him, He will get us where we are ultimately going, safely.  He sees all so we don't have to.

It was a really fun day and an experience that doesn't come along everyday.  The sweetest part was hearing Courtney in the video when he drove off.  We all need those moments when we realize just how precious people are to us.  They are just so cute and our families get along so well.

Courtney's dad and sister were there too.  Having two girls, her dad, Jay, enjoys a guy being around and doing things like this.  He teases Stratton and Stratton teases back, but they are really close and really care about one another.  Not having a dad around, my kids appreciate men who are good to them.  

Friday, October 27, 2017

Opportunity May Be Knocking, But I Doubt Hollywood Will Be

I was a stay at home mom for years.  I have worked part time for our family business, but I have never had a "career" or done anything on my own.

Successfully raising three wonderful kids will always be my biggest accomplishment and what I am most proud of.  We went through a rough time and I have been a 100% single parent the last 10 years.

I have been making jewelry off an on for a few years, but when I picked it back up this summer I also decided to start blogging again.

It isn't always easy to put yourself out there and take a risk of failing or embarrassing yourself.  There was something in my heart that pushed me to put all fears aside and go for it.  The direction my jewelry, Etsy shop, and blog are going in has almost felt out of my control.  I have prayed about it and I feel like I am making pieces with a purpose and have made a lot of friends along the way.  Some of my friends are out of state customers who have just opened up and we have had great conversations online.  That's the negative of selling online, not being able to see my customer or get to know them, but we have gotten around that messaging back and forth. I have built relationships with the people I buy from.  One in particular is the girl I work with when I order my charms.  Her name is Isabella and she is professional when it comes to the product, but we have been able to get to know one another through my charm designs.  She is just a joy to work with.  She's very easy to communicate with.  She never makes me feel stupid or even difficult when we are trying to get the design from my head onto the charms.  She is always friendly and the charms always turn out way better than I imagined.

Isabella asked me if I would be willing to do a video for their website.  She appreciated what I was doing with my charms and how unique and special they are and wanted me to do a video testimonial.  I couldn't say no to her because she is so sweet and what an honor for a company like the  Monterey Company to want me to share my experience with them.  I was all in, but I am not used to doing videos.  Like everything else I have done with my jewelry and blog I just jumped in and did it.  My daughter was the camerawoman and we had fun.  There were a couple of bloopers but we managed to get a video completed.

It is on the website so I wanted to share.  I hope I am just beginning a long relationship with this company and I pray I have success and a lot of great things in the future with my jewelry.  I, however, don't expect or anticipate a call from Hollywood any time soon!

Click the link below and when you see customer testimonials my video is the picture of the green wolf on a charm.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Thankful Thursday #16

I am so thankful for so many things everyday.

     I am so thankful to have friends who do good things for others.

You may have seen pictures or things on TV today about the left ring finger nail being painted purple.  It is a movement for awareness about domestic violence and the website #Putthenailinit is asking you to paint your nail and make a donation to support and for services for survivors of domestic violence.  Maybe the one purple painted nail will start a conversation.

I have a friend I went to high school with who started a foundation called No Longer The Face.  It is a non-profit organization assisting survivors and victims rebuild their lives.  This foundation promotes awareness but also gives hope and resources.

So many times victims are afraid to leave an abusive situation if they have no resources.  They know they need to leave for themselves and their children, but if they don't have financial means and emotional support it makes leaving seem impossible.

This friend of mine has built this foundation and helps so many.  I am so proud to know such a wonderful, strong human being who works so hard helping others.

In honor of October being Domestic Violence Awareness month, I have made a pair of earrings and a necklace with purple beads, the color for awareness, and I will give 100% of the proceeds from the sale of these two pieces to my friend's foundation.

It isn't a lot, but it is something.  Every little bit of financial donation counts as well as every little bit of support counts.  Women in this situation aren't weak for staying, they just don't realize their options sometimes.  Organizations like this empower women and not only save lives, but change them.

We live in a hard, cruel world and it's so important to just be good to each other.

Amethyst Sterling Silver Earrings

Charm Tanzanite Pearl Citrine Sterling Silver Necklace

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Thankful Thursday #15

I am thankful for so many things everyday.

     Need a spiritual gift for a birthday or Christmas?

I don't think I really realize just how fortunate I am to live in a country where I can express my religious beliefs.  Although it can be hard here at times and sometimes it seems that freedom is narrowing, I know I can freely be a Christian.

The whole being of this blog and the title goes back to my memories of childhood, church, and family.

I love new Christian music.  I have my 3rd Casting Crowns CD in my car.  I lost the first two, moving them around from car to car and didn't hesitate replacing it a third time.

As much as I love new music, there is just something about the old, traditional church songs.

I had an idea to create my own charms.  What I originally had on my mind is not what I ended up with, but I love it even more!  I just prayed about it and went with it.  That's what I am supposed to do all the time, but Worry and Control take over too many times.

I worked with the same company who did the Friendship charms I posted about.  These charms are my artwork.  I wanted something whimsical and fun, but a positive message.

I have so many wonderful memories of church and the traditional hymns are just so comforting to the soul. I hope and pray I am successful with these, but if they just give someone a great feeling or spark a sweet memory I will be happy!

I am making things for my Etsy store and getting ready for a festival this Saturday, but I couldn't wait to post my charms!  Please leave a comment and let me know what you think.  I have more in the works and would love the feedback!

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Image may contain: jewelry

I love the blacked out look, but the silver shows the details in the artwork.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Anchors Aweigh

Happy 242nd Birthday, Navy!

I am so proud of the men in my family.  The ones who have passed on and the ones who are still here being great influences for my kids.

I would say I have had the best grandfathers ever, but then my kids and nieces and nephews would argue my dad is the best and I can't disagree.  My mom and dad would even speak for their grandfathers and I admit they aren't wrong.  I had very strong great grandfathers on both sides.

Today, though, I am singling out my sweet grandfather because he served in the Navy!

Being respectful of our military is a hot button for Americans because if you have family who has served in any branch then you are proud and recognize their sacrifice.

Our high school chorus is amazing.  The teacher and his wife are great people and do amazing things year after year.  They always have a concert around Veterans Day.  My kids were in chorus and they always did a salute with a song and recognized veterans and those serving.  I would always get choked up watching my grandfather stand.

I went to my grandparents' house and got a picture of this picture they hang in the hall.  My handsome, brave, and very sweet grandfather.

I am going to be posting more bracelets like this over the weekend, but didn't want to miss this chance to express my pride in my grandfather and my sincere gratitude and prayers for everyone serving in all   branches of the military and their families.

I haven't added it to my Etsy shop yet, I will be adding more tomorrow.  These are so cute!  The beads are authentic African trade beads from Ghana.   These beads are made from powder glass by the people of Krobo in the Kroboland region of Ghana West Aftica.  They are 100% handmade..

The brown beads are Madre de Cacao (from a hard tropical wood) and the black are Ebony wood beads. Both are 10mm.

Happy Birthday Navy!

Happy Friday the 13th everyone!

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Thankful Thursday #14

I am thankful for so many things everyday.

I am one of those nerdy and geeky people who loved school and especially the first day of a new year.  I loved learning and in my parents words, "would still be in school if I could."

I have my degree in middle school education and did some graduate classes, mainly to keep up my certificate while I was a stay at home mom.  I went a little bit through the masters program, but I didn't finish.

I always thought the benefit of not having a masters might be lower pay which might help me get a teaching job.  They wouldn't have to pay me as much.  When I did think about teaching, I realized my experience as a mom didn't make me more qualified than a young girl fresh out of graduate school.

I still believe my experiences should have counted for more than it did, but I think maybe their head was more with the thinking of do we want a worn out mom of 3 with just a bachelors from a few years ago who may have been up all night with sick kids and will probably use all of her sick days or an eager, young person with no responsibilities outside of her job? I kind of get it.  I did teach one year and it was hard with young kids. If I hadn't been a stay at home mom first, I wouldn't have had the guilt of leaving kids at home especially when they were sick.

I could have finished that graduate degree, but I don't think I would have used it.  I just enjoyed school and learning.  However, I am older now and watching my three kids and two very special girls to me study and cram and stress all last weekend and this week with college mid-terms, I am very thankful not to have to take another mid-term or final exam.

Seeing as how I can't remember why I walked in a room or where I last put something and the panic attacks of pressure in some situations, school might not be as fun to me as it once was.  Seriously, adults who go back to school after raising kids are just on a whole different level of awesome to me.  I admire their ambition and ability to go back to school.  Things happen, life happens, and going back to finish or just to start a new career is so admirable and impressive.

Everyone has that one recurring dream.  Mine is being in school and it's the end of the semester and I haven't been to class or taken any of the tests.  I don't know why I have that dream because if that was real life I would have dropped the class, but it isn't an option in my dream.  And, being that far behind why would I even bother taking the final?  Either way, I wake up in a sweat and scared.  It's my recurring nightmare.

I made these bracelets.  The beads are round limestone, but they look like little apples.  These would make great teacher gifts.

The first one has the "ohm" charm for meditation.  Studying is stressful.  All of my kids are stressed this week.

Apple Limestone Bead Stretchy Bracelet with Karen Hill Tribe Beads and Sterling Silver Ohm Charm

This one is in honor of my Junior and Senior high school English teacher.  Sometimes while passing out the final she would give us permission to pray beforehand.  That was never a good sign, but I always did great in her class.  She definitely gave me a love for and intrigue with literature.

Apple Limestone Bead Stretchy Bracelet with Karen Hill Tribe Beads and Sterling Silver Cross Charm

Monday, October 9, 2017

Happy Columbus Day

This is one of those holidays I am not sure who is open or closed.  My nieces and nephews go to different schools and they are all home today.  A lot of schools have turned it into a Fall break.

We didn't get all the long holidays when I was in school.  Today, they take 4 day weekend breaks.  Sometimes a teacher workday is in there.  Now the whole week of Thanksgiving is out.  When I was in school we only got out Thursday and Friday.  But, I grew up in a small town.  Everybody knew everybody for generations.  We didn't need the whole week to travel for Thanksgiving because everyone's family was here!

I posted a few more items on my Etsy shop over the weekend.

Today, in honor of Columbus Day, I am posting my first pieces of men's bracelets.  I am working on the charms with my artwork and realized I have more nephews than nieces and don't really have anything for men.  I am in the works of changing that with my charms and decided to include bracelets in my shop.  I have had some gorgeous wooden beads for a couple of weeks trying to decide exactly what to do with them.  I also have the prettiest African trade beads from Ghana.  I put them together and really like the way they turned out!  I will be posting more, but have these for today!

This one because Columbus sailed the ocean blue.

Black Ebony Wood Beads with Teal Blue Zen Eco-Friendly African Trade Bead from Ghana Karen Hill Tribe Beads

This one because I love the color with the brown beads.

Tiger Ebony Wood Beads with Yellow Zen Eco-Friendly African Trade Bead from Ghana Karen Hill Tribe Bead

     I am blessed with so many great and strong men in my family.  I have my dad, grandfather, uncles, cousins, and my boys who are now men and nephews on the way to becoming men.  The beads in these bracelets are also strong and made of hard strong wood from trees grown in the Phillipines (tiger wood) and India (black ebony).  (I had to rewrite that sentence about 5 times. I had to replace hard to repeat the word strong because, well, I apologize. You know you would have thought it too!)

I hope everyone is having a great day whether it is a holiday for you or not.  I hope you like the new pieces and you might want to honor the man in your life with a special gift.  We are blessed by men who are leaders, great husbands and fathers, and examples to all young men who watch everything they do.  We love you guys even when you won't ask for directions.  It's ok.  Columbus didn't know where he was going and look what happened!

Friday, October 6, 2017

Look on the Bright Side

Do you prefer brighter colors over Fall colors?
Need some color to wear with Fall neutrals?

I love all things Fall including the darker colors.  I do like neutral tones and the deeper shades we start seeing this time of year.  I also like bright colors.  In fact, I would say, 99.9% of the time I will pick hot pink over burgundy or bright blue over navy.

Brighter colors are worn more often with warm weather, but if you are fair skin and blonde like me, dark weather colors can get you a little drab and pale looking.  I have always had a love for the sun so maybe I just FEEL drab and pale in the winter months.  Dark colors are pretty, but I certainly don't box up my bright things.  A lot of people's moods are affected in the winter because we don't have as much sun. Wearing something cheery and colorful can sometimes pick up a dark winter mood.

I have new colors that have just come in.  If you are Christmas shopping these would be great.  Why is is it as soon as I take down the Christmas tree I am ready for Spring?  Seriously, every year I take down Christmas decorations and say goodbye Winter and it only just began.  If you know someone like me they will be tickled pink to see colorful jewelry in their stocking or Christmas package!

Apatite 14K Gold Filled Necklace

Amethyst Apatite Karen Hill Tribe Sterling Silver Earrings

Pink and Black Tourmaline Sterling Silver Earrings

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Thankful Thursday #13

Does the number 13 bother you?

It used to bother me.  I would avoid it, but have had times it proved to be lucky for me, so 13 is my lucky number.

I was in my high school beauty pageant my freshman year and I drew number 13.  I swapped with a really great friend of mine.  Neither of us did anything that year, but the next year she won (I don't remember either of our numbers that year).  The next year, I drew 13 again and kept it.  I won my Junior year and the friend I swapped with before crowned me.  After that, I haven't avoided but embraced the number and it has proven to be lucky for me.  I hesitate to say lucky because I don't really believe in "luck," but rather, it showed me unlucky doesn't exist.  Thankfulness and prayer exist and so for that I am thankful for the unlucky blessed number 13.

 I had lunch recently with the mother of my son's girlfriend, Courtney, and there were many empty tables with numbers and I went to 13.

Not only do I love her mother and the rest of the family, I love his girlfriend.  They are so sweet and just bring out the best in each other. So, I wasn't trying to jinx anything, I went for "luck" because I want this sweet lady and me to be family one day and share grandchildren.  We already have it all planned out. Although, I told her she may have the grandchildren more than me.  It's a joke around our house I can't ever find anything. I am sure my son would be worried to hear me say, "Now where did I put that baby?" I'm not really that bad, I did successfully raise three. And, fortunately, I know where they are.  They all 3 are in college and still live with me.  I am more than ok with that and they all know if they are married and have children and need a place to live my home is always theirs.  (That might up my chances of babysitting if they live with me.  The baby would be easier to find!)

The restaurant we went to is a bakery and we told them when we got home we went ahead and picked out the wedding cake and got a jump on cupcakes for when we need them for a baby shower.  Although neither event is in the near future, we hope and pray it is not too far in the future.

They are both young, but they really are a perfect fit.  They are so considerate of each other and get along so well.  It's my youngest, Stratton, and being the youngest, he hasn't always had to put others first being the baby of the family.  It's sweet and kind of funny seeing him put her first in everything. We used to tease him that it's his world, we are just living in it.

I get massages and have for years.    When Stratton's back is bothering him he gets them too.  He lifted the wrong way and his back was really hurting him last week so he went for a massage.  Courtney went with him and sat and waited on him.  He found out she has never had one so he scheduled her for one today and he's going to go sit and wait on her while she gets one.

This is how people and couples are supposed to be with each other.  Giving, considerate, and thankful. They have been together almost a year and they get more considerate instead of it fading.  The more they find out about each other, the more they appreciate one another.

Both of our families get along so well.  I am the same age as her parents and feel like I have known her mom forever.  Whoever said you marry the person not the family must not have had any living in-laws. There are a lot of holidays and if you have kids there a lot of birthdays and activities.  You most certainly marry the whole family tree.

I listed three necklaces in my Etsy shop today.  The first is an Ethiopian Opal Necklace with my new custom Bible verse charm.  Opal is the birthstone for October so it's perfect for a gift for someone.

In the theme of unlucky 13, the color black usually goes along with it, anything dark, and dark is creepy, it is October, Halloween is coming up. I think you get my drift.  The dark gray of the chain and charms make these great for Fall tops and sweaters!

Ethiopian Opal Bible Verse Charm Oxidized Sterling Silver Necklace

This necklace has 3 Karen Hill Tribe beads moving freely above the custom charm on one side.  The dark gray of the oxidized Sterling Silver is great for Fall!

Karen Hill Tribe and Bible Verse Custom Charm Oxidized Sterling Silver Necklace

I love this one!  It is a celestial necklace and the blue/steel gray of the Kyanite goes so well with the oxidized chain.  The Karen Hill Tribe beads are also a great accent.  I love the look of mixed metal.

Moon and Star Kyanite Oxidized Sterling Silver Necklace

And I have these two sweet little things who sit with me and watch me make jewelry.    I haven't lost them yet, although I have closed them in the pantry, my room, the office, and a closet more than once not knowing they were right behind me and didn't follow me out.  I call them my shadow for a reason.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017


I am so excited about these charms, I can't work fast enough!

Patience has never been a strength of mine.  I don't have any.  At all.

     I am making things all day today and listing them on my Etsy shop.  I am posting about the first two necklaces.  I am going to be adding a lot of different things, but I was so happy with how these turned out I didn't want to wait!

Kyanite Karen Hill Tribe Custom Charm Necklace

Green Tree Agate Karen Hill Tribe Custom Charm Necklace

What do you think?

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Daily Good Deed

Trying to find the right gift to express love and friendship?

     I haven't listed new items in a week or so.  I have been waiting on some new things to come in and I have been working on something I am so excited about.

I have said with making my jewelry I want beautiful pieces, but I also would like them to mean something.  I have been working on my own charms.  I love drawing and have used my own artwork on some.  They will be in soon and I am beyond excited about them.

     It's funny, I had an idea and what came out was not what was originally in my head, but I think it has worked out so much better.  It's going to be torture waiting on them to come in.

This is what I got in the mail today!

It isn't my artwork, but it is my design.  I wanted to do something meaningful and with a Bible verse(s).  It's no secret our country, really the whole world, is not in the best shape as far as the way we treat each other. It definitely fits the "It's Complicated" relationship status.  People are just no holds barred, no filter, when criticizing others today.  Most of the time, it's over political subjects, but it's also just in general.

What happened yesterday in Las Vegas was just awful, sad, and incomprehensible.  The act is something most of us can't even begin to understand.

Like most tragedies, out of the horrific act, comes stories of people doing good and taking care of one another.

Why does it take something like that for people to be good to each other, for a while?  Then, we go back to regular life and it all starts back up. There were some really great people who put themselves last and helped others during the shooting.  I would imagine those people are generally like that in life.

We have all heard the expression, "good deed for the day."  We are supposed to do one act of kindness a day.  A lot of people criticize the motivation.  Some say we do good deeds because it makes us feel good so we are really doing it for ourselves not someone else.  I don't agree with that.  Sure it makes us feel good about ourselves to help someone else.  It should.  It only makes sense.  If we feel bad when we treat someone badly, then it only makes sense to feel good when we treat someone good.

What if that good feeling isn't selfish, but a hug from God?  His positive reinforcement to keep us wanting to be good to one another.

I chose these verses because I think it is perfect for right now and the way we treat each other right now.  I also picked it for myself.  This is a hard one for me.  I work from home and my kids are in college so I am not in the school and sports activities or things that get me out regularly.  I am a homebody and pretty much stay in my little world.  I don't go looking for a fight or argument when I do go out.  However..... And, this is a big "but." When someone mistreats me or my family I get upset.  I tend to go hard especially if the situation is just wrong.  That's what gets me fired up is when someone has been done wrong, mistreated.  I don't hesitate to stand up for what is right.  I can let my mouth get me into trouble.  It doesn't matter if I am in the right or not, I know I am not supposed to do that, but it is one of my many flaws.  These verses are a reminder to myself.

     Unfortunately, not everyone walks around with Christ in his/her heart.  There are mean people, broken people, people who just aren't good.  It's hard for me to remind myself that even if someone chooses to do wrong by me or my family, it's not for me to battle.  Things like yesterday tend to bring out the good in most, for a while.  It doesn't take long for things to go back to "normal."  In the end, I can only answer for myself and I don't need those who choose to mistreat me or others to stain my soul.  The act is on them, but the reaction is on me.

I think they are great words for everyone, but even specifically for women supporting each other.  We tend to be hard on one another and we should build each other up, not tear each other down.

And it never hurts to put a few of God's beautiful creations of stones and crystals for added wonderfulness.  Is that a word?  If not, it should be.

I will post the wonderfulness as soon as I get a few pieces made!  I will also offer just the pendant in my shop.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Good TV, Bad TV Day

I think I have mentioned I love TV.  Haha! I had a good and bad TV day yesterday.

Late Saturday night into Sunday morning, I woke up about    4:00 am.  The TV was off, or so it seemed.  I realized I couldn't get but a few channels to come on.  I figured it was my box because it is never turned off and I just turned it to what I could.

I figured out yesterday morning when I got up that it was the whole house.  I called to get them to send a signal to all my boxes and the recording said there were a higher volume of callers than normal so they wouldn't be taking any more.  That was strange, I just thought it must have been a big problem in my area.

After a while, I did what everyone else does when they are curious about something.  I asked on Facebook.  I tried to call again but there was no answer and it just stopped ringing.  I went back to Facebook and to my horror, it wasn't just our area, it was a several state wide outage.  That's crazy!  I thought well, they have a lot of people upset so they might get it fixed faster.  Then I thought, well, if it has affected this many people it probably isn't a small issue!  I tried to wait patiently.  My DVR and On Demand were working.  It was early afternoon and the WiFi was out too and my kids had homework so on the one day everyone is usually around, everyone left looking for WiFi.  They weren't gone long when I noticed everything was working again!

Later on, Sydney and I decided to watch The Good Doctor I had on DVR.  We hadn't watched it yet, but we were really excited about it.  Oh my goodness! We are both really into hospital shows and reality medical shows.  I joke that I have seen enough doctors I should be given an honorary degree.

That show is my new favorite.  It was sad in places, though.  Sad, but maybe tear jerking is a better word.  It makes you think and feel.  Not many shows do that today.  Not in a good way, anyway.  If Kleenex doesn't sponsor this show it really should.  The message in just the first episode was really powerful.  I am kind of glad we didn't see it until yesterday because it comes back on tonight.  I hate waiting for a show to come on!

Sooooo, that explains my good TV, bad TV day.  Any TV day is a good day to me.  I love watching shows while working on my jewelry.  Speaking of, I have some really great things I will be posting this week!  I have a charm I designed coming in.  It is a lot of fun creating something pretty and meaningful.  It has a great Bible verse on it that I personally feel is needed right now.  Just like the show last night, people are so easy to criticize others and not take the time to see what "their story" is.  We all have flaws and things we deal with.  I can't wait to post the charm.  Although I didn't do the artwork for this one, I created the design for it and you won't find it anywhere else.  I did however do the artwork on other charms coming in soon.  I am really excited about those too because you certainly won't see them anywhere else either.  This is a new thing for me making charms for my jewelry, but I am having so much fun with it!

What is your favorite show?