Good TV, Bad TV Day

I think I have mentioned I love TV.  Haha! I had a good and bad TV day yesterday.

Late Saturday night into Sunday morning, I woke up about    4:00 am.  The TV was off, or so it seemed.  I realized I couldn't get but a few channels to come on.  I figured it was my box because it is never turned off and I just turned it to what I could.

I figured out yesterday morning when I got up that it was the whole house.  I called to get them to send a signal to all my boxes and the recording said there were a higher volume of callers than normal so they wouldn't be taking any more.  That was strange, I just thought it must have been a big problem in my area.

After a while, I did what everyone else does when they are curious about something.  I asked on Facebook.  I tried to call again but there was no answer and it just stopped ringing.  I went back to Facebook and to my horror, it wasn't just our area, it was a several state wide outage.  That's crazy!  I thought well, they have a lot of people upset so they might get it fixed faster.  Then I thought, well, if it has affected this many people it probably isn't a small issue!  I tried to wait patiently.  My DVR and On Demand were working.  It was early afternoon and the WiFi was out too and my kids had homework so on the one day everyone is usually around, everyone left looking for WiFi.  They weren't gone long when I noticed everything was working again!

Later on, Sydney and I decided to watch The Good Doctor I had on DVR.  We hadn't watched it yet, but we were really excited about it.  Oh my goodness! We are both really into hospital shows and reality medical shows.  I joke that I have seen enough doctors I should be given an honorary degree.

That show is my new favorite.  It was sad in places, though.  Sad, but maybe tear jerking is a better word.  It makes you think and feel.  Not many shows do that today.  Not in a good way, anyway.  If Kleenex doesn't sponsor this show it really should.  The message in just the first episode was really powerful.  I am kind of glad we didn't see it until yesterday because it comes back on tonight.  I hate waiting for a show to come on!

Sooooo, that explains my good TV, bad TV day.  Any TV day is a good day to me.  I love watching shows while working on my jewelry.  Speaking of, I have some really great things I will be posting this week!  I have a charm I designed coming in.  It is a lot of fun creating something pretty and meaningful.  It has a great Bible verse on it that I personally feel is needed right now.  Just like the show last night, people are so easy to criticize others and not take the time to see what "their story" is.  We all have flaws and things we deal with.  I can't wait to post the charm.  Although I didn't do the artwork for this one, I created the design for it and you won't find it anywhere else.  I did however do the artwork on other charms coming in soon.  I am really excited about those too because you certainly won't see them anywhere else either.  This is a new thing for me making charms for my jewelry, but I am having so much fun with it!

What is your favorite show?


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