Daily Good Deed

Trying to find the right gift to express love and friendship?

     I haven't listed new items in a week or so.  I have been waiting on some new things to come in and I have been working on something I am so excited about.

I have said with making my jewelry I want beautiful pieces, but I also would like them to mean something.  I have been working on my own charms.  I love drawing and have used my own artwork on some.  They will be in soon and I am beyond excited about them.

     It's funny, I had an idea and what came out was not what was originally in my head, but I think it has worked out so much better.  It's going to be torture waiting on them to come in.

This is what I got in the mail today!

It isn't my artwork, but it is my design.  I wanted to do something meaningful and with a Bible verse(s).  It's no secret our country, really the whole world, is not in the best shape as far as the way we treat each other. It definitely fits the "It's Complicated" relationship status.  People are just no holds barred, no filter, when criticizing others today.  Most of the time, it's over political subjects, but it's also just in general.

What happened yesterday in Las Vegas was just awful, sad, and incomprehensible.  The act is something most of us can't even begin to understand.

Like most tragedies, out of the horrific act, comes stories of people doing good and taking care of one another.

Why does it take something like that for people to be good to each other, for a while?  Then, we go back to regular life and it all starts back up. There were some really great people who put themselves last and helped others during the shooting.  I would imagine those people are generally like that in life.

We have all heard the expression, "good deed for the day."  We are supposed to do one act of kindness a day.  A lot of people criticize the motivation.  Some say we do good deeds because it makes us feel good so we are really doing it for ourselves not someone else.  I don't agree with that.  Sure it makes us feel good about ourselves to help someone else.  It should.  It only makes sense.  If we feel bad when we treat someone badly, then it only makes sense to feel good when we treat someone good.

What if that good feeling isn't selfish, but a hug from God?  His positive reinforcement to keep us wanting to be good to one another.

I chose these verses because I think it is perfect for right now and the way we treat each other right now.  I also picked it for myself.  This is a hard one for me.  I work from home and my kids are in college so I am not in the school and sports activities or things that get me out regularly.  I am a homebody and pretty much stay in my little world.  I don't go looking for a fight or argument when I do go out.  However..... And, this is a big "but." When someone mistreats me or my family I get upset.  I tend to go hard especially if the situation is just wrong.  That's what gets me fired up is when someone has been done wrong, mistreated.  I don't hesitate to stand up for what is right.  I can let my mouth get me into trouble.  It doesn't matter if I am in the right or not, I know I am not supposed to do that, but it is one of my many flaws.  These verses are a reminder to myself.

     Unfortunately, not everyone walks around with Christ in his/her heart.  There are mean people, broken people, people who just aren't good.  It's hard for me to remind myself that even if someone chooses to do wrong by me or my family, it's not for me to battle.  Things like yesterday tend to bring out the good in most, for a while.  It doesn't take long for things to go back to "normal."  In the end, I can only answer for myself and I don't need those who choose to mistreat me or others to stain my soul.  The act is on them, but the reaction is on me.

I think they are great words for everyone, but even specifically for women supporting each other.  We tend to be hard on one another and we should build each other up, not tear each other down.

And it never hurts to put a few of God's beautiful creations of stones and crystals for added wonderfulness.  Is that a word?  If not, it should be.

I will post the wonderfulness as soon as I get a few pieces made!  I will also offer just the pendant in my shop.


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