Saturday, March 31, 2018

April Fools

Ok, so growing up and even as an adult being named April and having April Fool's Day has not always been fun.  I don't think anytime your name is blocked with the word "fool" it's a good thing.

My niece, Skylar, is named after me.  She is 13 and her middle name is April.  I remember when she was around 4 I told her right before April Fool's Day that I was so glad I had someone to share the day with. Well, I might should have waited another year or two because she didn't understand what I meant and didn't speak to me for about a week.  We live next to each other and every time I would see her she would just look at me, but let me know she was mad.

I finally figured out she thought I called HER a fool, not the day, and she was ticked!  She kept saying she wished she wasn't named after me. I remember thinking, gosh it's just one day, that's kind of hurtful, but when I realized why she was mad and thought I had called us fools it all made sense! 

She is my sister's second child.  Her third child and I have always had a little extra closeness between us.  When he was only a couple of weeks old, my niece had to have surgery and I held him for days.  We have just always had a special thing.  When he was really little he would call me birthday or yell "Bithday" when I went over.  I am not only a "fool" but I am also blonde and it took me a bit to figure out he was doing that because he was born in April.  That was confusing to him.

To confuse us all a bit more, I was born in February!!!

Oh, well.  My Etsy sale is no joke and it ends after tomorrow so go check it out!  I listed these items:

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Herkimer Diamond Rose Cut Pave Sterling Silver Choker Necklace

Peruvian Pink Opal Rose Gold Vermeil Style Fish Tail Lever Back Earrings

Silverite (Titanium coated) White Sapphire Pave Diamond Star Earrings

Pave Rose Cut Diamond Sterling Silver Ear Threaders

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Thankful Thursday #38

I am so thankful for so many things everyday.

I enjoy my Thankful Thursday posts.  I have fun with them some weeks being thankful for things like coffee and reality television, but sometimes I am more serious in my thankfulness.

This week, I am thankful for my savior and Lord, Jesus Christ.  Holy Week is such a special week and an emotional one too.  Knowing the events that took place leading up to Jesus' crucifixion and then resurrection is such a reminder of why we are here.  God sent His son here to be a teacher, healer, example, and friend.  The thought that a sinless person suffered, taking on all of our sins so we would be forgiven is overwhelming.  The ultimate sacrifice that paid our sins in full.

Jesus asked us of only one thing before he took on all of our sins.

Today is Maundy Thursday and it represents the Last Supper and Jesus washing the feet of his disciples and him giving one more commandment.  The word "maundy" comes from the Latin word mandatum which means "commandment."

"I give you a new commandment:  Love one another as I have loved you."  John 13:34

I am so thankful for the price that was paid for me.

I taught a 3rd-5th grade Sunday School class for a few years.  I loved using the Resurrection Eggs to talk about Holy Week.  This was a few years ago and I got mine from Lifeway, but I am sure there are many examples on Pinterest if you haven't heard of them.  The dozen plastic eggs each have a symbol like a nail or piece of cloth and when they are opened it is a great way to talk about the events with children. I will admit, sometimes I got choked up when we talked about it. I always had these sweet little faces looking at me and I could always tell when different symbols meant something to different kids.

I am trying to list new things in my shop while my 10% off sale is still going on through Sunday 4/1.  I listed these yesterday.

Click on the titles to go to the listing in my shop.

Rose Quartz Angel Aura Pave Diamond Sterling Silver Earrings

Rainbow Moonstone Pave Diamond Bar Sterling Silver Necklace

Polki Rose Cut Diamond Necklace

I added this listing this morning.  It is made with my new custom made charm with my original artwork design.

Adjustable "How Great Thou Art" Stainless Steel Charm Bracelet

I hope everyone has a Good Friday and do something to make it great!


Tuesday, March 27, 2018

It's Iridescent

I love Easter.  Every season of the year brings memories and traditions and Easter is definitely full of memories.

The earth is waking up from Winter and beautiful colors are all around.

My grandmother, Betty, is a big inspiration for my love of jewelry.  She's even more an inspiration for my custom charms with traditional church hymns because she sang in our church choir the whole time I was growing up until she got sick.

I have two pieces I just listed and they brought a really fun memory back to me.  She had a few words she pronounced differently.  She went to Hawaii one time with one of her best friends, Barbara, and she didn't say Hawaii the way I am used to hearing it.  She said it almost like saying "How are ya" in a very northern accent.  My dad and uncles LOVED to tease her more than anything.  They tease everyone, but she was their favorite to pick at.  She also said Michigan pronouncing the "ch" like in chew.

We were outside one summer day and it was a Sunday.  She had her nails painted in a really pretty color.  It was a pearl shade but shimmery.  My mom and aunt complimented her on the color and she said "yeah, it's iridescent."  Well, my dad was sitting there and he and my aunt (his sister) laughed and teased her.  Every time we would see a color like that or any time it could be plugged in they used the word and teased her.

I found a new obsession with Angel Aura beads.  They are permanently treated by fusing platinum and/or silver (sometimes gold) with heat (or electricity) and vacuum to coat the beads.  The beads I used for these pieces is Rose Quartz Angel Aura and they are definitely iridescent!

They are also gorgeous!  They remind me of the pretty colors in puddles and other places that come after summer rain.

I have several pictures in my Etsy shop.  The whales tail necklace can be worn as a choker, with the rose quartz right up next to the charm or I can move the charm so the bead is up the chain a little.  It can also be worn longer.  The oxidized Sterling Silver necklace is gorgeous!  The shimmery effect of the beads is so pretty with the gray chain.  Fringe is really in and the chain gives such a nice look.  It would be perfect with a tank or the lower cut tops that come with warm weather!

And, you can always wear some really pretty iridescent nail polish to match!

*****I have a sale going on in my shop with 10% off each item through Sunday 4/1!!!!!

Just click on the titles to go to the listing in my shop.

Rose Quartz Angel Aura Fish Tale 14k Gold Filled Necklace

Rose Quartz Angel Aura Sterling Silver Oxidized Chain Fringe Necklace

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Thankful Thursday #37

I am so thankful for so many things everyday.

You know, sometimes it is the simple things in life that make you slow down for a second and just take a minute to think and be grateful.

I am thankful for ice cream in general, but homemade peach in particular.

Maybe it's because I was born in Georgia and have lived in the same county all of my life, but peach is definitely the best.

It has not felt like Spring around here!  I am ready for warm weather and nights of ice cream to cool you down.  My Papa makes the best homemade ice cream.  There really is no contest and with new ice cream makers it doesn't take as long as it used to making a batch.  But to be honest, I think the old way makes it taste better because you have to wait on it.

Most everything today is instant.  We can order a package and have it within 24 hours.  We don't have to send payments or even a friendly note by snail mail.  Even the post office is much faster than it used to be with other options for shipping.  My kids buy the microwaveable rice and it cooks so fast.  But, it doesn't taste the same to me.  And, really, how much time have you really saved?  Well, I guess it's worth saving a pot to clean from boiling the rice.  I hate cleaning up the kitchen!  That's another good thing about warm weather, nobody wants to be in a hot kitchen so we grill out a lot.

Some things are worth taking the extra time, like homemade ice cream.  It's always good to be able to slow down for just a few minutes and think about our blessings.  Even if they take a little longer to find sometimes, you have to eat ice cream slow anyway.

Sorry if I have tempted anyone with ice cream, but anything that helps us take in the good things in life, even for just a few minutes, can't be that bad for you.

I just listed these two new pieces today.

Peach Agate Sterling Silver Earrings

Peach Agate Charm 14k Gold Filled Necklace

Luke 5:15-16 Yet the news about him spread all the more, so that crowds of people came to hear him and to be healed of their sicknesses. But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Are you wearing green??

Partaking in "drowning the shamrock" ???

St. Patrick's Day is a fun day of celebration.

Today is a celebration of St. Patrick, an Ireland patron saint, who ministered Christianity in Ireland.  We celebrate today because the day he died was March 17, 461.

He was born in Roman Britain, but kidnapped into slavery and brought to Ireland.  It was during this time he found God and, while he escaped, he returned to Ireland to convert many Irish pagans to Christianity.

Irish celebrations of St. Patrick became bigger when they came to the United States as a way for the Irish to connect to their roots after coming to America.

The shamrock is associated with St. Patrick's Day because it is said that he used the 3 leaf clover to explain the Holy Trinity.

Green is associated also with the day although blue was the original color.  Green became the color because of Ireland's nickname "the Emerald Isle."  Green is also part of the Irish flag and the country is known for its lush green landscape.

Green is also the color of Spring.  This is my favorite reason for wearing green.  After Winter, grass, trees, and flowers start coming back to life.  This time of year is so symbolic of Jesus' resurrection and that with a relationship with God we have eternal life.

The pinching comes from the legends of leprechauns.  Although they originally were associated with red and gold, it was believed that they couldn't see you if you wore green and if you didn't have on green they would pinch you.  The legend is also that they were shoemakers who saved their money in a pot and if you caught one you would get their pot of gold and have three wishes granted in exchange for their freedom.

St. Patrick's Day is a fun day of celebration. Christians may attend church services and it is believed that restrictions from Lent can be lifted just for today.

Another interesting custom is the "drowning of the shamrock."  A shamrock is placed at the bottom of a cup and filled with whiskey, beer, or cider.  It is drunk to a toast to St. Patrick or Ireland.  The shamrock is either swallowed with the drink or taken out and tossed over the shoulder for good luck.

In honor and celebration, I made a few pieces and listed them in my Etsy shop.

My new "How Great Thou Art" charm necklace 

Pink Peruvian Opal Sterling Silver Earrings

Red Aventurine Sterling Silver Earrings

Palmwood and Purple Acai Stretch Bracelet

Palmwood and Pink and Cream Acai Stretch Bracelet

Madre de Cacao and Red Acai Stretch Bracelet

Peach Moonstone and Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

These earrings are in honor of Labrador, Canada.  They are Moonstone and Labradorite.  Labradorite, found in Labrador, is how it got its name.  In Labrador and Newfoundland, the Monday closest to St. Patrick's Day is a public holiday.

Rainbow Moonstone and Blue Fire Labradorite Earrings 

I also made these two pieces today and will list them soon!

Fun, chartreuse Jade and Karen Hill Tribe Silver Earrings

This is a gorgeous Emerald and White African Opal bar necklace with 925 Sterling Silver Pave Diamond bead on Oxidized Sterling Silver chain.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Thankful Thursday #36

I am so thankful for so many things everyday.

I get so excited over materials I order.  I take my time picking out items and I have learned what stores I get the best quality in beads and basic materials. I have also made "friends" with people I order from.  Online buying and selling can sometimes take the personal touch out of business, but not if you don't want it to.  It just takes a little more communication.

Out of all the things I get delivered, my custom charms are by far my favorite.  I design and do the artwork for my charms.  I work with amazing people at an amazing company ( The Monterey Company ) and I am like a kid, literally waiting at the door, for these items to arrive.  If you click on the company name you can go to their website.  If you scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and click on the chalkboard box of client testimonials it will take you to the page where my video about my experience with them on school spirit charms is located.)

Thankfully, we have tracking that shows when the package is on the truck and out for delivery. It is a special day when I know these treasures are being delivered.  I am so thankful my new charms were delivered this morning!!!!!

I am thankful I live in a country where I can express my faith the way I want to creatively and out loud and proud. I am thankful I can share a message of faith through beautiful jewelry.  I have gotten messages from buyers of what the different charms have meant to them, or someone they gave them to, and it is beyond rewarding.  I have said I only want to be successful in my business if I can spread a positive Christian message.  These charms are an expression of my faith and memories of growing up in a small town church where I can still close my eyes and tell you where generations of my family sat in the congregation along with the other church members.  We didn't have assigned seats, you just knew where everyone always sat.  As much as I love new Christian music, the old traditional hymns I grew up hearing and singing will always hold so many special memories.

I have my other charms from the songs "It Is Well With My Soul," "Amazing Grace," and "Morning Has Broken."

A couple of weeks ago, I sent a big order to another state with my "Morning Has Broken" charms in purple.  They are being presented to a choir at their Easter program.  The purple in these charms is such a pretty color I decided with Easter, Spring, Mother's Day, and graduations coming up I would do my "It Is Well With My Soul" in the purple.  So this was part 1 of 2 delivered today!

I wanted to do another traditional hymn.  I also wanted to have a charm my boys or nephews would wear.  The others have flowers and hearts so I wanted something a little different with more of a symbolic meaning than so much whimsical artwork.  I did a drawing of praying hands months back and have waited for the right time to use them.  This design came in today!

I am also thankful I don't have anything going on for the next few days so I can get busy listing these and making pretty new pieces with the new charms and new materials!