April Fools

Ok, so growing up and even as an adult being named April and having April Fool's Day has not always been fun.  I don't think anytime your name is blocked with the word "fool" it's a good thing.

My niece, Skylar, is named after me.  She is 13 and her middle name is April.  I remember when she was around 4 I told her right before April Fool's Day that I was so glad I had someone to share the day with. Well, I might should have waited another year or two because she didn't understand what I meant and didn't speak to me for about a week.  We live next to each other and every time I would see her she would just look at me, but let me know she was mad.

I finally figured out she thought I called HER a fool, not the day, and she was ticked!  She kept saying she wished she wasn't named after me. I remember thinking, gosh it's just one day, that's kind of hurtful, but when I realized why she was mad and thought I had called us fools it all made sense! 

She is my sister's second child.  Her third child and I have always had a little extra closeness between us.  When he was only a couple of weeks old, my niece had to have surgery and I held him for days.  We have just always had a special thing.  When he was really little he would call me birthday or yell "Bithday" when I went over.  I am not only a "fool" but I am also blonde and it took me a bit to figure out he was doing that because he was born in April.  That was confusing to him.

To confuse us all a bit more, I was born in February!!!

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