Spring Ahead!

Tonight we "spring ahead" and go back to Daylight Saving Time.

The only negative I find with this is we lose an hour.

In the Fall, we gain an hour of sleep, but when it gets dark early that one measly hour does nothing to help me! Seriously, it's like 6:00 pm and you feel like it is 11:00 pm.

 I would rather lose the hour tonight and have daylight longer.  I know the time changes came about to save energy but it has been a debate and confusing since changing the clocks started.

One study says a benefit to having longer daylight hours results in a decline in crime, especially robberies.

 It seems strange that the change happens at 2:00 am instead of midnight.  Supposedly, this was done so that most people wouldn't be awake to notice and most bars and restaurants would be closed.

Being dark longer in the mornings is a downfall, but I am not a morning person at all so I probably wouldn't notice the difference.

I am glad for the change and that Spring is almost here.  With Spring comes Easter, Spring Break, Proms, Spring Formals, weddings, Mother's Day, and graduations.  I have my daughter graduating college in May.

I have so many new materials and new pieces I am really excited about!  I have made a few new things and listed them today.

Here are the new additions to my Etsy shop!

African White Opal Peach Moonstone Sterling Silver Ear Threads Earrings

Aquamarine Peach Moonstone Karen Hill Tribe Silver Bracelet

Rainbow Moonstone Oxidized Sterling Silver Necklace

Spring Multi Gemstone Bracelet with Blue Chalcedony, Apatite, and Peridot

  These are just a few new pieces!  I have a few others to list and I have a lot of exciting new materials I can't wait to work with!


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