Thankful Thursday #35

I am so thankful for so many things everyday.

Do you need jewelry for Prom or a Spring Formal?  A wedding maybe?

I love the colors of Spring.  I am always glad to see the dark, rich colors of Fall and Winter, but I am always so happy to see pastels and bright, cheery colors make a return.

The seasonal section in the grocery stores is even pretty with colors of Easter.  I am so thankful for the new colors that are associated with a rebirth and new beginning of life.  We have had so much rain here in Georgia.  I am glad to see sun today, but it is really cool.  I don't get cold very often, but I dressed warmly when I went out this morning.

This is a picture of a pretty pink tree right outside my bedroom window.

I love glimpses of trees and flowers blooming.  Weather can be like Spring one day and dead of Winter the next around here so things like this are just a tease of Spring.  Old people call the last burst of cold air in the south "Blackberry Winter."  My grandfather never planted his garden until after that last spell of cold.  He still grows tomatoes, but he used to have a big garden.  He uses boxes now and they are the neatest invention.  I still can't grow anything in them, but they are great for those who can!

I have gotten a little behind posting here and listing items in my shop.  Unfortunately, with the blooming, we had a pollen count around here and my allergies made me feel bad.  I also have been getting in new materials for Spring.  I have a lot of new beads and Karen Hill Tribe silver.  I just listed a few things last night and have a few more new pieces made I will be listing.

I will post on here as I add new pieces with pretty new colors.   

I am also going to be adding some pieces that would be great for Prom, Spring Formals, Weddings, or even the perfect Mother's Day or graduation gift.

These are the items I listed in my Etsy shop last night.

Karen Hill Tribe Silver Beads Pink Raspberry Sapphire Bracelet

AAA+ Black Ethiopian Opal 925 Sterling Silver Ear Threader Earrings

Peruvian Opal Amazonite Chalcedony Champagne Quartz Stingray Charm Bracelet

Rhodonite 925 Sterling Silver 24k Gold Vermeil Style Ear Threader Earrings

I made this bracelet today.  Y'all this is THE prettiest African White Opal!  If this doesn't make it into my shop it is because I decided to keep it for myself.... or my daughter talked me into letting her keep it.  It's ok, though, as soon as I got this strand in last week I ordered another strand that came in today so I can make another one.  The 925 Sterling Silver Rose Cut Diamond Wheel Pave bead is such a pretty accent to the Opals.


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