It's Iridescent

I love Easter.  Every season of the year brings memories and traditions and Easter is definitely full of memories.

The earth is waking up from Winter and beautiful colors are all around.

My grandmother, Betty, is a big inspiration for my love of jewelry.  She's even more an inspiration for my custom charms with traditional church hymns because she sang in our church choir the whole time I was growing up until she got sick.

I have two pieces I just listed and they brought a really fun memory back to me.  She had a few words she pronounced differently.  She went to Hawaii one time with one of her best friends, Barbara, and she didn't say Hawaii the way I am used to hearing it.  She said it almost like saying "How are ya" in a very northern accent.  My dad and uncles LOVED to tease her more than anything.  They tease everyone, but she was their favorite to pick at.  She also said Michigan pronouncing the "ch" like in chew.

We were outside one summer day and it was a Sunday.  She had her nails painted in a really pretty color.  It was a pearl shade but shimmery.  My mom and aunt complimented her on the color and she said "yeah, it's iridescent."  Well, my dad was sitting there and he and my aunt (his sister) laughed and teased her.  Every time we would see a color like that or any time it could be plugged in they used the word and teased her.

I found a new obsession with Angel Aura beads.  They are permanently treated by fusing platinum and/or silver (sometimes gold) with heat (or electricity) and vacuum to coat the beads.  The beads I used for these pieces is Rose Quartz Angel Aura and they are definitely iridescent!

They are also gorgeous!  They remind me of the pretty colors in puddles and other places that come after summer rain.

I have several pictures in my Etsy shop.  The whales tail necklace can be worn as a choker, with the rose quartz right up next to the charm or I can move the charm so the bead is up the chain a little.  It can also be worn longer.  The oxidized Sterling Silver necklace is gorgeous!  The shimmery effect of the beads is so pretty with the gray chain.  Fringe is really in and the chain gives such a nice look.  It would be perfect with a tank or the lower cut tops that come with warm weather!

And, you can always wear some really pretty iridescent nail polish to match!

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Rose Quartz Angel Aura Fish Tale 14k Gold Filled Necklace

Rose Quartz Angel Aura Sterling Silver Oxidized Chain Fringe Necklace


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