Thankful Thursday #36

I am so thankful for so many things everyday.

I get so excited over materials I order.  I take my time picking out items and I have learned what stores I get the best quality in beads and basic materials. I have also made "friends" with people I order from.  Online buying and selling can sometimes take the personal touch out of business, but not if you don't want it to.  It just takes a little more communication.

Out of all the things I get delivered, my custom charms are by far my favorite.  I design and do the artwork for my charms.  I work with amazing people at an amazing company ( The Monterey Company ) and I am like a kid, literally waiting at the door, for these items to arrive.  If you click on the company name you can go to their website.  If you scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and click on the chalkboard box of client testimonials it will take you to the page where my video about my experience with them on school spirit charms is located.)

Thankfully, we have tracking that shows when the package is on the truck and out for delivery. It is a special day when I know these treasures are being delivered.  I am so thankful my new charms were delivered this morning!!!!!

I am thankful I live in a country where I can express my faith the way I want to creatively and out loud and proud. I am thankful I can share a message of faith through beautiful jewelry.  I have gotten messages from buyers of what the different charms have meant to them, or someone they gave them to, and it is beyond rewarding.  I have said I only want to be successful in my business if I can spread a positive Christian message.  These charms are an expression of my faith and memories of growing up in a small town church where I can still close my eyes and tell you where generations of my family sat in the congregation along with the other church members.  We didn't have assigned seats, you just knew where everyone always sat.  As much as I love new Christian music, the old traditional hymns I grew up hearing and singing will always hold so many special memories.

I have my other charms from the songs "It Is Well With My Soul," "Amazing Grace," and "Morning Has Broken."

A couple of weeks ago, I sent a big order to another state with my "Morning Has Broken" charms in purple.  They are being presented to a choir at their Easter program.  The purple in these charms is such a pretty color I decided with Easter, Spring, Mother's Day, and graduations coming up I would do my "It Is Well With My Soul" in the purple.  So this was part 1 of 2 delivered today!

I wanted to do another traditional hymn.  I also wanted to have a charm my boys or nephews would wear.  The others have flowers and hearts so I wanted something a little different with more of a symbolic meaning than so much whimsical artwork.  I did a drawing of praying hands months back and have waited for the right time to use them.  This design came in today!

I am also thankful I don't have anything going on for the next few days so I can get busy listing these and making pretty new pieces with the new charms and new materials!


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