Thursday, November 15, 2018

Thankful Thursday #65

I am so thankful for so many things everyday.

I love sugary things, I think everyone does, but, growing up and even today, I would usually go back for seconds of real food than dessert.

My one downfall, though....... jelly beans.  I love them.  All of them.  Even the wacky flavors like popcorn and the black, licorice flavored are my favorites.  Most people pick them out of the bunch to throw out, I pick them out to eat them first!

My favorite brand of jell beans (although I wouldn't turn any down) is Russell Stover's.  I only see them in a few places near Easter.  A couple of grocery stores and one pharmacy is where I usually see them.

When I was growing up we would drive all the way to Atlanta (about 45 miles) to the Russell Stover's store to get them.  We went for my grandmother, they were her favorite and you couldn't get them anywhere else.

Today, I can order them online and have them delivered any time.  Being diabetic, I can't have them any time I want them, but I have bags in different places and they are my go to with low blood sugar.  I had gestational diabetes with all three kids and it came back about 13 years ago.  Leaving off sugar isn't fun, but that has never been a problem, except for jelly beans. Today, I am thankful for jelly beans and the memories of my grandmother getting excited to get her hands on some!  I am sure that has something to do with them being my favorite brand.

I made this pair of earrings this week.  The big, red, orange, Indian, Carnelian nuggets remind me of jelly beans.  The big, blue, gray, Opals are really pretty too and are a great compliment to the Carnelian.  They would look great with a casual top or sweater and with a dressy outfit.  A pair to easily go from day to night.

Carnelian Opal Earrings

I also made these!  I am working on so many things and adding to my Etsy shop!

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Thankful Thursday #64

I am so thankful for so many things everyday.

Sundays growing up were so much fun!

We went to church on Sunday mornings, well, the kids started with Sunday School. My mom would start getting ready, then drop us off, with rollers in her hair, in a robe, and go back home to finish getting ready. She would take us to school like that too.  I did the same thing, maybe not in rollers, but my kids will often times call me or text me before they come in with friends to tell me to put pants on.  If I am home, I am in my gown and bedroom shoes.  They get embarrassed, but I have told them I would be less covered in a bathing suit and they let me out in that.

After church on Sundays we would go to my great grandparents' house.  They lived across the street from the church and we would fill that house with aunts, uncles, cousins, and tons of food and, of course, endless amounts of sweet tea.  The kids would always be in the back yard playing or on the porch in front of the house.  We could see if anyone rode by.  There are certain foods that just take me back to their house.  Everyone kind of had their special thing they made.  One of my grandmother's sisters would make chocolate pies with toasted marshmallows.

We lost my grandmother right before my youngest was born.  She sang in the church choir and I seldom went a day without seeing her.  Right after my son was born, my aunt asked me if there was anything she could do.  I had gestational diabetes with all three kids and with the third it returned immediately so I took her up on her request and said, "Will you please bring me one of your chocolate pies with the toasted marshmallows."  She did.  It was right before Christmas and the comfort of it brought back so many memories. I am a lot like her, but cannot make pies like that.  My mom can, but I can't.

On Sundays after being at my great grandparents' house, we would go back to church for Sunday night service.  This was casual, we had children's choir, something kind of like another Sunday School lesson, and we would play outside or play games inside.  We also had a lady that was an amazing cook (she was best friends with my grandmother and aunt) and she would fix something for all the kids to eat.  The church service was short and mostly music.  We had this sweet, little man with a big voice that would lead the hymns.  We had a big red hymnal for Sunday mornings and a little brown one for Sunday nights.

We could request songs.  My favorite song was "Love, Mercy, and Grace."  My mom would always look at me when I or someone else requested it.  It was just a fun song with a wonderful message.

This is the inspiration for my next group of charms.  In this world today we need more love, mercy, and grace. I am thankful for all of them and especially the love, mercy, and grace we get from God every second of every day.  They may be harder to find today, but they are always there with God.

I chose to do the gold because of the popular necklaces right now with round gold pendants and the coin pendant craze.  I will be making these in different combinations from single charms on a necklace to different combinations and on bracelets.  These would look great layered.  I have some really pretty Stainless Steel chain that is gold, but I will be mixing up metals too because I really like the way it looks.

This is a link to the song and the lyrics below:

Love, Mercy, and Grace
Piano- Christopher Tan

Sunday, November 4, 2018

November Rain

I love the song, "November Rain."  I love anything from Guns 'N Roses, but that one is my favorite.

Yesterday  was beautiful outside, but Georgia welcomed the first two days of November with rain.  I thought maybe the weather would help the line to vote early.  That might have worked had I not decided to go at lunch time, on Friday, the last day!  It wasn't too bad, but it was yucky weather to have to be in line.

I had a productive day yesterday  and made a few new pieces.  It takes some time to make them, then make pictures (partly because I am not the best photographer), then list on Etsy.  The fun part is posting on social media and getting feedback.

I had some beautiful London Blue Topaz and Imperial Topaz.  I made a necklace with them then I also had Madeira Citrine so I have a necklace to list tomorrow with them and a blue Topaz bead.  I think they really turned out pretty!  Topaz and Citrine are November birthstones so they will make great gifts for birthdays, OR, as Christmas presents for someone who happens to love Topaz. Who doesn't love Topaz?  And, Guns 'N Roses? And, the song "November Rain?"  Seriously, the best part of the song is when you think it's about over and you are surprised with more great music.

Well, thankfully it isn't raining, unless you count the Topaz raining on my Instagram page!

Click on the titles to go to the listings:

London Blue Imperial Topaz 14k Gold Filled Necklace

Imperial Topaz 14k Gold Filled Dangle Earrings

Madeira Citrine Sterling Silver Earrings

And just when you thought that was it, here is a whole new look!

Iridescent Coated Kyanite 24k Gold Vermeil Style 924 Sterling Silver Earrings

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Thankful Thursday #63

I am so thankful for so many things everyday.

Halloween is over and now we move on to Thanksgiving.  I am thankful for a season of counting blessings.  It's easy to get overwhelmed with life and forget the things that are going right.

I just love this time of year.

I have always loved Halloween.  I grew up with my dad, grandfathers, and uncles teasing me and pranks were something they did "to make us girls tough."

It worked.  It also helps to learn not to take things too seriously at times and to just have fun.  I was telling someone the other day that my dad and two uncles loved to tease my grandmother.  She worked in the real estate office with them and was the secretary and she didn't get paid enough some days!

They loved her dearly and she knew it, but they definitely liked to tease her.  I remember one year for Thanksgiving she made a couple of mistakes with dessert and, of course, they teased her about it for years.

My dad loves egg custard.  My grandparents divorced when I was little so my grandmother didn't cook much.  She would eat at our house or my aunt's and would go with whoever was going out to eat. Cooking a big meal had to be a little overwhelming when she wasn't used to it.

She made an egg custard that year and a sweet potato pie.  My dad and uncle took a bite of the custard at the same time and just looked really funny at each other.  At first, they didn't know what to say.  It must have been obvious because she asked them what was wrong and then it immediately came to her.  She said, "oh no, I forgot the sugar!"  They had a really good laugh and went onto sweet potato pie instead.

Again, they tried to get a bite and they both just started laughing so loud.  She forgot to remove the paper liner from the frozen crust!  Everything else was great, but dessert was a joke for a long time!

Halloween is always a fun time for tricks.  I got my own last night.  I was working and had the TV on, there are always such good shows on, especially the paranormal ones.  Well, we had an outtage of internet and cable for a little while.  I called it in and I guess I was the only person in the house watching TV while working on the computer because they thought it was just my house.  I will admit, that was a little eerie until I found out it was out in the area.  My sister and her family got home from trick or treating along with my parents coming home from my brother's house and theirs was out too.

Well, this is all treat and no trick, but I have a sale going on with my new Harvest Moon and Church Steeple Pendant Necklaces.  I have them 20% off.  There are a few listings, but I have more chain so if you see one you like just message me.  I am going to keep listings going and adding a few more.  The sale will go from today until the end of the month.

These would be the perfect necklace to wear Thanksgiving Day or as a gift for the hostess of Thanksgiving dinner.

Here are some listings with different chain.  Just click on the photos to go to the listing.

Harvest Moon Necklaces