Early Thanksgiving

I can't believe it's almost Thanksgiving!  Time just goes way too fast.

I am working really hard getting things in my shop for Christmas shoppers.

I love making all kinds of jewelry, but I am most proud of my charms.  It has only been a little over a year and I have created a great collection and have worked hard trying to "get them out there."

I am so thankful for the support I have gotten from family and friends and the people I have met making these little treasures.  From the company who produces my charms to the companies I get my supplies from, I have made some really nice friends this last year.

I have also "met" a lot of wonderful people selling my jewelry.

This is especially so with the charms.  I love the messages I get about why someone bought the charm to  how they love it when they receive their order.

I had a sweet lady buy two charm bracelets with one of my traditional church hymns.  She had recently been widowed and it was the song played at her husband's service and she was buying the bracelets for a sister- in- law and close friend who supported her through the tremendous loss.  Someone bought a charm necklace for a friend who lost her home in the California fires.

I get the sweetest stories from customers and it makes what I do so much more rewarding.

Something else has happened that wasn't intended in the beginning.  A lot of the family I talk about have passed away.  Through the memories that inspire my designs, I have something for my kids and nieces and nephews to learn about family and where they came from.  I didn't create a link from the past to the new generation on purpose, but I sure am glad it has happened that way.  Heritage and tradition mean a great deal to me so any way I can help pass that down is wonderful.

I have a lot of great things going on with my charms and I know I have just gotten started.  I hope they spark a positive memory for others.  Maybe take them back to their childhood or even strengthen faith for someone who has lost his/hers a little bit because of life and tough circumstances.  I know creating the charms has helped me look deeper into my faith and it is even stronger.

I want to be successful, but I also just want to make a difference.  I want to do something good in a world that is hard and cruel at times. We need faith more than ever.

I am having an early Thanksgiving this weekend because I am reflecting and thankful for the past year and the great things that have happened because of my charms.  There is a list of states above.  They are states that someone has bought a charm.  Some states have multiple sales and people walking around with my creation on necklaces and/or bracelets.  It is just a great thing.  It is an honor and humbling to know they are in so many places.  I hope to keep adding to the list!

In the meantime, I will just be very thankful.


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