Thankful Thursday #66

I am so thankful for so many things everyday.

I love Christmas season.  I have so many wonderful memories associated with this time of year.  I am thankful for my childhood memories and those I made with my children.

My mom has always really decorated for Christmas.  We lived in a subdivision that was so much fun when I was in elementary school.  Everyone knew everyone and the women had a group called The Garden Club.  They had a contest for the best decorated house.  It wasn't in the style of Clark Griswald in Christmas Vacation, there were rules.  Most houses had floodlights to shine on the outside of the house.  We would go get pine tree limbs or anything to cover up the light because the judges would count off for seeing it. Also, when they rode by we had to have all lights out inside.  You got a better score for the house being dark.  I remember sitting in complete darkness until the judging was over.  No TV or any kind of lamps or lights.  My mom would usually place and she always made Christmas so special it wasn't too much to ask for us to sit still for a couple of hours.

This club would also take small brown paper bags (lunch bags) and fill the bottom with sand and put candles in them, line all the streets in the subdivision, and put lit candles in them on Christmas Eve.  She would be gone for a little bit working on them and waiting on them to get done was a little hard, but knowing the roads were lit for Santa to find his way was worth the wait!  As a kid, you always worried about Santa finding you so this was also worth the wait!

Then, there was always Christmas Eve service at church. It was just a part of Christmas. There was a shorter message and a lot of music, but remembering what Christmas is really about was just part of Christmas Eve.

My favorite part was the end when we would sing "Silent Night." We would hold candles and the preacher would light his, usually by the advent candles, and we would pass the flame around and by the time we were on the last verse the sanctuary lights would be so dim they were almost out and we sang the last part in candlelight.  I have always been afraid of fire so when I was little I don't think I took my eyes off the flame and when my kids were little they always wanted their own, but I watched them closely!

I remember my kids' eyes glowing in the candlelight.  All the excitement and being anxious about Christmas morning while sweetly singing and remembering why we celebrate Christmas.

I just got in my new charm yesterday.  It is inspired by my favorite memory of singing "Silent Night" and the fun of Christmas Eve.

The bottom is gold glitter for the sand with the dark blue for the desert night sky and, of course, the star of Bethlehem with a crystal in the middle.  The crystal is for the bright star guiding to the manger.  It is also for those bright eyes in the candlelight.  Christmas is always a magical time of year in so many ways.

I also just listed these two pairs of earrings a few days ago.  One pair looks like holly berries and champagne!  They look like Christmas and New Year's Eve.

Mexican Red Opals and Imperial Topaz Sterling Silver Ear Threads Earrings

This pair looks like Winter and Christmas to me.  The white of the Rainbow Moonstone and red of the Mexican Red Opals look so pretty together and are perfect for holiday parties.  They would also be beautiful for a bride in a Winter wedding.

Rainbow Moonstone and Mexican Red Opal Rose Gold Filled Earrings

I am going to be listing the necklaces with my new charm in my Etsy shop.  They will also be on my new necklace cards with the inspiration behind the design.

What is your favorite Christmas memory?


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