Thankful Thursday #64

I am so thankful for so many things everyday.

Sundays growing up were so much fun!

We went to church on Sunday mornings, well, the kids started with Sunday School. My mom would start getting ready, then drop us off, with rollers in her hair, in a robe, and go back home to finish getting ready. She would take us to school like that too.  I did the same thing, maybe not in rollers, but my kids will often times call me or text me before they come in with friends to tell me to put pants on.  If I am home, I am in my gown and bedroom shoes.  They get embarrassed, but I have told them I would be less covered in a bathing suit and they let me out in that.

After church on Sundays we would go to my great grandparents' house.  They lived across the street from the church and we would fill that house with aunts, uncles, cousins, and tons of food and, of course, endless amounts of sweet tea.  The kids would always be in the back yard playing or on the porch in front of the house.  We could see if anyone rode by.  There are certain foods that just take me back to their house.  Everyone kind of had their special thing they made.  One of my grandmother's sisters would make chocolate pies with toasted marshmallows.

We lost my grandmother right before my youngest was born.  She sang in the church choir and I seldom went a day without seeing her.  Right after my son was born, my aunt asked me if there was anything she could do.  I had gestational diabetes with all three kids and with the third it returned immediately so I took her up on her request and said, "Will you please bring me one of your chocolate pies with the toasted marshmallows."  She did.  It was right before Christmas and the comfort of it brought back so many memories. I am a lot like her, but cannot make pies like that.  My mom can, but I can't.

On Sundays after being at my great grandparents' house, we would go back to church for Sunday night service.  This was casual, we had children's choir, something kind of like another Sunday School lesson, and we would play outside or play games inside.  We also had a lady that was an amazing cook (she was best friends with my grandmother and aunt) and she would fix something for all the kids to eat.  The church service was short and mostly music.  We had this sweet, little man with a big voice that would lead the hymns.  We had a big red hymnal for Sunday mornings and a little brown one for Sunday nights.

We could request songs.  My favorite song was "Love, Mercy, and Grace."  My mom would always look at me when I or someone else requested it.  It was just a fun song with a wonderful message.

This is the inspiration for my next group of charms.  In this world today we need more love, mercy, and grace. I am thankful for all of them and especially the love, mercy, and grace we get from God every second of every day.  They may be harder to find today, but they are always there with God.

I chose to do the gold because of the popular necklaces right now with round gold pendants and the coin pendant craze.  I will be making these in different combinations from single charms on a necklace to different combinations and on bracelets.  These would look great layered.  I have some really pretty Stainless Steel chain that is gold, but I will be mixing up metals too because I really like the way it looks.

This is a link to the song and the lyrics below:

Love, Mercy, and Grace
Piano- Christopher Tan


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