Thankful Thursday #13

Does the number 13 bother you?

It used to bother me.  I would avoid it, but have had times it proved to be lucky for me, so 13 is my lucky number.

I was in my high school beauty pageant my freshman year and I drew number 13.  I swapped with a really great friend of mine.  Neither of us did anything that year, but the next year she won (I don't remember either of our numbers that year).  The next year, I drew 13 again and kept it.  I won my Junior year and the friend I swapped with before crowned me.  After that, I haven't avoided but embraced the number and it has proven to be lucky for me.  I hesitate to say lucky because I don't really believe in "luck," but rather, it showed me unlucky doesn't exist.  Thankfulness and prayer exist and so for that I am thankful for the unlucky blessed number 13.

 I had lunch recently with the mother of my son's girlfriend, Courtney, and there were many empty tables with numbers and I went to 13.

Not only do I love her mother and the rest of the family, I love his girlfriend.  They are so sweet and just bring out the best in each other. So, I wasn't trying to jinx anything, I went for "luck" because I want this sweet lady and me to be family one day and share grandchildren.  We already have it all planned out. Although, I told her she may have the grandchildren more than me.  It's a joke around our house I can't ever find anything. I am sure my son would be worried to hear me say, "Now where did I put that baby?" I'm not really that bad, I did successfully raise three. And, fortunately, I know where they are.  They all 3 are in college and still live with me.  I am more than ok with that and they all know if they are married and have children and need a place to live my home is always theirs.  (That might up my chances of babysitting if they live with me.  The baby would be easier to find!)

The restaurant we went to is a bakery and we told them when we got home we went ahead and picked out the wedding cake and got a jump on cupcakes for when we need them for a baby shower.  Although neither event is in the near future, we hope and pray it is not too far in the future.

They are both young, but they really are a perfect fit.  They are so considerate of each other and get along so well.  It's my youngest, Stratton, and being the youngest, he hasn't always had to put others first being the baby of the family.  It's sweet and kind of funny seeing him put her first in everything. We used to tease him that it's his world, we are just living in it.

I get massages and have for years.    When Stratton's back is bothering him he gets them too.  He lifted the wrong way and his back was really hurting him last week so he went for a massage.  Courtney went with him and sat and waited on him.  He found out she has never had one so he scheduled her for one today and he's going to go sit and wait on her while she gets one.

This is how people and couples are supposed to be with each other.  Giving, considerate, and thankful. They have been together almost a year and they get more considerate instead of it fading.  The more they find out about each other, the more they appreciate one another.

Both of our families get along so well.  I am the same age as her parents and feel like I have known her mom forever.  Whoever said you marry the person not the family must not have had any living in-laws. There are a lot of holidays and if you have kids there a lot of birthdays and activities.  You most certainly marry the whole family tree.

I listed three necklaces in my Etsy shop today.  The first is an Ethiopian Opal Necklace with my new custom Bible verse charm.  Opal is the birthstone for October so it's perfect for a gift for someone.

In the theme of unlucky 13, the color black usually goes along with it, anything dark, and dark is creepy, it is October, Halloween is coming up. I think you get my drift.  The dark gray of the chain and charms make these great for Fall tops and sweaters!

Ethiopian Opal Bible Verse Charm Oxidized Sterling Silver Necklace

This necklace has 3 Karen Hill Tribe beads moving freely above the custom charm on one side.  The dark gray of the oxidized Sterling Silver is great for Fall!

Karen Hill Tribe and Bible Verse Custom Charm Oxidized Sterling Silver Necklace

I love this one!  It is a celestial necklace and the blue/steel gray of the Kyanite goes so well with the oxidized chain.  The Karen Hill Tribe beads are also a great accent.  I love the look of mixed metal.

Moon and Star Kyanite Oxidized Sterling Silver Necklace

And I have these two sweet little things who sit with me and watch me make jewelry.    I haven't lost them yet, although I have closed them in the pantry, my room, the office, and a closet more than once not knowing they were right behind me and didn't follow me out.  I call them my shadow for a reason.


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