Thankful Thursday #70

I am so thankful for so many things everyday.

It is so cold outside.

I am in Georgia and we had 90 degree temps the first week of October.  We just go from hot to cold and it hurts and feels even colder than it actually is because of the drastic changes.

One of the things I love most about the Fall are the changing colors of the leaves.  It's fun to ride and look at them, but when the temperature is warm it just doesn't feel the same. But, here we are, officially away from summer and almost skipping Fall going right into Winter!  At least it feels like Christmas!

I think I love the changing of the leaves because of the symbolism I feel with the change.  In the Spring, everything comes to life and goes from empty branches to beautiful green leaves making trees and bushes full again.

I am so thankful for the colors when leaves change because of the reminder they bring with it.  Right when they are dying and falling off of the trees, they stand out in such beauty with colors only God can create.  The mixture of so many colors is just a gorgeous sight to see.  Before nature goes to sleep for the Winter, we get the wonderful reminder of what is yet to come.

It is that way with us.  We are young and "green" and when we get older we take everything that made us green with life and show the history of experiences that affect our "colors" before we go.  A tree may appear one color of orange or yellow, but when you look at the individual leaves, they each show their story. Before all the trees become empty and gray, we get this amazing show of color. A burst of beauty and we know it will be renewed in the Spring. Because of Jesus's resurrection, death has been defeated, and we know we will be alive again after death.  And, my goodness, can you imagine the show of colors that are in Heaven??! 

I am so thankful for the colors of Fall and the reminder of life and life after death.

I have these beautiful stones to work with today and see what I can create with the gorgeous colors of this season!

These are a couple of views from my backyard.

This little "weed" was sticking up through my deck.  With those gorgeous colors, I hardly think I can consider it a nuisance.  So pretty!


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