Did I Mention I Love Halloween?

I am trying to add things to my shop while the sale is going on.  I have said I have an unhealthy love for Halloween and since Halloween things have been in stores since July 5th I didn't think it would be too soon to add my skull earrings.  These are colorful and fun and are really in style all year.  Although, the additions of flowers and pastels takes the badass out of the skulls if worn outside of Halloween.

I was a stay at home mom except for one year.  I loved Spanish in high school and took an extra semester of it in college so when my home town middle school offered Spanish for the first time in a connections/elective class, I was qualified to teach it.  I had so much fun that year.  I loved the kids and by the end of the year I had taught the whole middle school.

     We had a six week course and along with the language, I taught about culture and history.  One of the most fun things we did was plan a trip to Spain.  We saw how much it would cost to fly, things to do, where to stay, what to eat, etc.  I really had a lot of fun teaching it and the kids were great.  I found an authentic bakery that made Day of the Dead bread and brought it in the week of Halloween for the kids to try.  I have a link below that is very informative and interesting.

Sugar skulls have a lot of history and the way they came about is interesting.  Making adornments and masks to honor their family members who have passed on could be costly, but sugar and water was a way of doing this inexpensively.

I have said how much heritage, tradition, and family means to me.  I think this is why this is so intriguing to me.  It represents all of that.


Red and Blue Sugar Skull Sterling Silver Earrings

Beige and Copper Sterling Silver Earrings

Aqua Blue and Turquoise Skull Sterling Silver Earrings

I love, love, love this!  I made it last night and it would look so pretty with a formal dress.  I know some sororities have Fall Formals and this would look great.  It will also look really pretty against a sweater or hanging below a turtle neck.  It has that little bit of bling that gives it a rich, elegant look.  It's also mostly black so while we are in Halloween mode....

Botswana Agate and Silver Leaf Jasper Sterling Silver Necklace


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