Take Two, or Three, or Fifty

     Are you good at live videos or videos of yourself in general?

I am not comfortable in front of the camera.  A lot of people are and know how to stand, tilt their head, and speak clearly in a video.

     I am suddenly made aware of just how southern I am when I hear myself on tape or video.  I am very proud of my southern roots, but I would swear I don't sound like I really do!

I am SO excited about some of the things I am working on.  I have made custom charms for some of our local high schools.  The first school I did was personal for me because it's not only where I graduated from, but my 3 children are 5th generation graduates.  My family has a lot of history and contribution to the city and schools.  These charms were so much fun to design because so much thought and heart went into them.  I used an old mascot that was the mascot when my dad was in high school.

     I am working on some other projects and I did a video for the company I am working with on those projects.  (I will have more about it on another post!)  I was excited and honored they asked me to do it but I usually avoid the camera.  I have to admit it was fun.  My daughter helped me and we of course had a couple of bloopers.  I sent them to my sister and she was in car rider line and said people probably thought she was crazy laughing so hard in her car.

I am really excited about it and the things I am doing with that company.  I love making jewelry, but I want it to mean something and be positive.  I want my own message on the pendants I use in making pieces.  I am really having fun creating the ones with Bible verses.  I will post them once they are completed and ready to show.  

I have said many times I am my aunt's clone.  I get my love for comfy clothes and shoes from her and she doesn't wear makeup.  I used to but I have gotten in the habit of not wearing much.  I am feeling so much better now, but for a long time I had to decide to either get made up or go somewhere.  By the time I would get ready, I wouldn't feel like going.  There were many times I had my hair and make up done only to stay home because I didn't feel like going.  It's easy to get in the habit of what's easy.

     I saw my sister's kids after school and they were so sweet, but it was bad at the same time they were so excited to see me with make up on.  When you have kids ages 6, 8, 10, 13, and 15 complimenting you and surprised you have to take notice.  Kids pay attention to a lot more than you think they do.  I have been able to get out and do more the last couple of months because I feel SO SO SO much better in general I think they are happy to see it.  They would always ask me how I was feeling or ask about me when I missed things.  Sweet, sweet kids.

With that kind of support, you can do anything!

I got through my first video yesterday. I will post it when I can, but I did get a picture.  I don't like the way make up feels on my face, but it sure does make you feel good inside!  Especially when others notice!

I listed this pair of earrings over the weekend.  I had not planned on putting the beads together with the Rose Gold, but they ended up next to each other on my table and I couldn't resist.  They look so pretty and rich together.  I have been waiting for the right time to use the angel wings and I think it all came together beautifully!

Brown Czech Glass Beads Rose Gold Filled Angel Wings Earrings


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