Celebrating Nana

I am so blessed to have grown up with grandparents nearby and being close to them in distance and in relationship.

     It is such a special bond between grandparents and grandchildren and they can really bridge that gap sometimes between parent and child.  A grandparent has the benefit of already raising kids and knowing what they would have done differently so there is a whole different experience and perspective that can really help the raising and relationship between a child and parent.

Plus, they are just fun! You can totally let loose, be yourself, and talk to them openly.  It's kind of like a sign I have seen, "What happens at Grandma and Grandpa's stays at Grandma and Grandpa's."  You can break the rules a little because the grandparents also usually break them with giving in to something parents usually don't.

Today is my Nana's birthday and I feel so incredibly blessed to have grown up with her in my life.  Not all kids, for various reasons, grow up being close to grandparents.  My Nana and Papa have always been around while I was growing up and they haven't missed a thing my kids and nieces and nephews do.

     I have said this about my grandparents many times, but they are dependable.  That quality is so underrated.  Depending on them to be at everything my kids do is something I don't take for granted and neither do my kids.  My kids don't have a relationship with their dad or anyone on his side.  I don't feel like they have missed out because they have my parents and grandparents.

It's funny because we all call my grandmother, Nana.  Well, all except, Stratton, my youngest.  He calls her by her first name, Helen.  It's funny because nobody else would get away with it.  He has alway loved teasing her and he does it because he knows it teases her.  She got him back, though.  I found her a shirt and she wore it and pointed it out to Stratton.  It said, "My favorite people call me Nana."  She teased him back because he DOESN'T call her Nana!  It's harmless fun, but just their thing that he is always messing with her.

Another thing about her name, Helen, is that my grandfather is Stanley.  I have always thought it was funny they have the same name as the Ropers from Three's Company!

We went to my mom's for lunch to celebrate Nana today. She has always been an example of strength and she has always worked doing different things.  She has always had to the confidence to start something new.  I think I get that from her.  It isn't easy to just start a blog, a new business, and put yourself out there.  Everyone is afraid of failing.  She has done different things and some have worked better than others, but she always put her best effort into it and never lost the courage to move on to something else and give it a go.  She has been the most successful at real estate and I think it is because she loves people and talking to people.  Not everyone can walk up to people, even those they don't know, and start up a conversation. My Papa is funny.  He has got to where when she says they are leaving wherever they are he just stays seated for a few minutes because if he gets up he ends up sitting back down while she is telling everyone bye!

I hope she has had a great birthday!  We had fun celebrating her, but we celebrate in thankfulness to God everyday for being blessed with her.  Her whole life revolves around what her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren are doing.

My grandmother with my mom and uncle Jimmy.

We celebrate her life because we are so thankful she is in ours!


  1. Thank you so much! You are so right, it is emotional. We need to make time to sit with our sisters and other women. There's so much to learn from each other,


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