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Does your birthstone fit you?

     One of the best things about creating jewelry is the ability to make a statement without saying a word.  You show your style, beliefs, and so much more simply by the way you wear jewelry.  A piece catches your eye for a reason.

Do you have an October birthday or need to buy an October birthday gift?  I listed two items with opal, the October birthstone.

I love all birthstones.  The colors are so pretty.  Mine is Amethyst and I have always loved it.  It happens to be my daughter's too!  The opal stone is a little unique because there are so many variations and colors in it.  Most October people I know (my sister and uncle are two) are easy going, versatile people.  It's kind of like that with the opal.  There are more colors the closer you look and there seem to be a lot of layers to October babies.

I know we are in September, but half way and y'all know how FAST time moves!

     We have my youngest niece's birthday tomorrow and my grandmother's in a little over a week, so I am not totally skipping over the month.

The sapphire has been a symbol of royalty for years.  It is also a symbol of wisdom.  It's kind of funny that my niece and grandmother have this birthstone.  We treat all of our girls like princesses, but she is the youngest and my grandmother is the matriarch of our family and they are both very smart and spiritual.

                                                                                                          the spruce

Coincidence?  I don't really believe so.  Have you ever looked into your birthstone to see what it represents and what the natural stone is believed to help with physically and emotionally?  It's really interesting.

     These stones made by God are each unique and have their own special qualities. Kind of like us!  Maybe we are supposed to wear our birthstone because it says something about us more than our birthday and maybe there are benefits to wearing them also.

I will say, there is a fine line.  I believe God is the ultimate healer and comforter, I don't "use" stones, but I do believe God made things for us to heal and help us naturally.  His gifts to us along with the spiritual gifts and talents He gave us as individuals.  Birthstones originate from the high priest's breastplate in which the 12 stones represented the 12 tribes of Israel in order by birth.

We are all unique and just like it is impossible to find two gemstones or crystals exactly alike because the way they are made in nature, there is nobody else like us!

Pretty neat, huh?!

I listed these two pieces in my Etsy shop.

Blue Opal Heishi Bracelet

Pink Opal Sterling Silver Earrings    

This is just a little description of the birthstones.  Does yours sound like you?


People with a garnet birthstone tend to be a unique blend of analytical and compassionate. This person might fit the stereotype of the “super parent.”
They can make order out of chaos with a snap of the fingers, all the while wiping a tear here and bandaging a scraped knee there.
Even if they aren’t a parent for real, they might be the “mom” of the group, who makes adult decisions with compassion.


Most likely a calming and mellow presence, the amethyst birthstone tends to go with deeply spiritual people. They’re gentle souls who project peace.
They may get a bit of reputation for being flaky in the here and now, but that’s only because they’re busy thinking about the big picture, in their own lives and in the great cosmic scheme of things.


As you may have guessed from the name, this stone is closely associated with the ocean. Someone with an aquamarine birthstone has a powerfully purifying presence.
Like the ocean, she is able to wash all things clean, and has a knack for inspiring honesty in those around her and getting to the root of any problem. Her communication skills are top of the charts!


Most of us know that diamonds symbolize everlasting love, but do you know why? It’s because they are so hard to damage, a quality that they share with those born in April.
These individuals are nearly invincible, and can bounce back from just about anything you throw at them. Of course, that also means that they’re stubborn; when they take a stand, they stick to it!


Those born under the emerald birthstone are known among family and friends as incredible unifiers.
Like their stone, which rules unconditional love and compassion, these people are equally gifted at reconciling old and painful fallings-out, and at making harmonious matches. If you want a friend to set you up, make sure you ask a May baby!


Those born with the pearl as their birthstone are very unique creatures. Pearls were historically associated with innocence and magical powers, and this individual may seem to be simultaneously a bit naive, and very in tune with the natural world.
In particular, she may lack in social graces, but have an incredible way with animals.


Like the gemstone they were born under, those with a ruby birthstone are showy, with a flair for the dramatic. These individuals have incredible self-confidence, and will never shrink back from a confrontation.
Resolutely fearless, they absolutely never bluff, and are always prepared to follow through.


Plenty of folks are chatty, but people with the peridot birthstone truly have the “gift of gab.” They can befriend anyone, under any circumstances, emerging from even the most casual encounter with a new friend for life.
Kindhearted to a fault, those born under peridot love to adopt people and animals into their vast extended family!


Born in September, those with a sapphire birthstone tend to be calm, collected, and fiercely intelligent. They don’t lack in kindness, but don’t open their heart to just anyone.
They tend to find themselves in positions of power, potentially managing large groups of people or owning a business, and take a long time to learn to trust.


Individuals with the opal birthstone are as quixotic as their gemstone. Their lives are never boring, because, though they seek calm and quiet, they get restless easily.
They tend to attract attention, despite their best efforts to remain under the radar. They are deeply intuitive, and may be shy because they always sense the ulterior motives of others.


Folks born under the citrine are a pleasure to spend time with. Good luck seems to follow them everywhere they go, particularly with regard to finances.
As a result, they’re constantly cheerful, and they radiate positive energy that easily spreads to those around them. As a result, November babies tend to be at the heart of a tight-knit family or group of friends.


Those with the turquoise birthstone are quintessential “old souls.” Unflappable and unerringly wise, they seem to have the confidence of thousands of years, even as small children.
They are protective, strong individuals who support those around them, and often provide key advice that is usually spot-on.

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