Thankful Thursday #19

I am thankful for so many things everyday.

Have you already decorated for Christmas?

Time goes by so fast, but it seems stores rush it along.  Before all of the fourth of July things are removed, Halloween and Fall items are in stores.  Christmas decorations are out earlier and earlier every year.  Christmas in July is going to be literally Christmas in July if we keep moving up decorating and putting out things to sell.

I do like to decorate early because it's so much work and it goes so fast I like having time to enjoy it!

Today, I am thankful for Christmas music.  Every year there is a debate about how early is too early to hear Christmas music.  All of the decorations in the world don't get me in the Christmas spirit like Christmas music does!

For me, there are so many memories attached to them.  Some are considered party music, some remind me of church, and some are just fun!  I have posted before about me singing in our church Christmas program when I was little.  My grandmother and a close friend of hers was in charge of the children's choir when I was little.  I think in my post before I said I was around 7, but I am thinking I must have been more like 5 when I sang a solo.  My dad always jokes and says if he had sang a solo it would have been SO LOW you couldn't hear him!  He's so funny!  I cannot sing.  At all.  My grandmother let me sing the second verse of "Away In A Manger" when I still had that cute little kid voice.  I didn't have any solos when I got older.  In fact, in my dad's words, I would sing so low that nobody could hear me.  It was a small church and my pitiful voice would have stuck out if I had sang very loudly!

I just listed these earrings in my Etsy shop.  They look like little Christmas berries!  I have been working and doing some things around my house this week so we can decorate and enjoy the week next week while the kids are out of school.

Apple Jasper Karen Hill Tribe 24k Gold Vermeil Style Earrings

I will be done tomorrow with house stuff and I will be listening to my Christmas music and making as many new, pretty things as I can!

What is your favorite Christmas song and does it have a special memory attached to it?  When is too early to start playing it???


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