A Ruff Monday

All Monday mornings can be crazy, but they really are after the time change.  I don't like it getting darker earlier.  The prettiest part of the day, to me, is from about 5:00-7:00.  It's definitely the best time for me to make pictures of my jewelry.  When it gets dark during that time, we miss that pretty light of day.

It just shows how our bodies are in line with daylight and darkness when we have to change.  We gained an hour of sleep, but the time change can make us so tired!

I think knowing what all we have going on with the holidays can be a little overwhelming and make us tired just thinking about it!  I love this time of year, but it does come with some stress!

My dog, Mia, doesn't handle stress well.  She has anxiety and is better than she used to be, but a car ride just messes her up!

She had to go to the vet first thing this morning for routine shots, but she gets so nervous she just gets all out of sorts!

To top it off, I am one of those germ freaks who used to put their kids right in the bath after being at the pediatrician to knock down some of the germs they were exposed to. So guess what happened to poor Mia?

Yep, I get teased for treating her like a child so she got a bath.  Poor Maggie cried when Sydney left to take Mia.  I know she missed Mia, but she is so different in that she loves to ride in the car.  I don't know if she was crying for Mia or because she wanted to go too!

Mia is not happy with me.  And, neither is Maggie who looked at me after her bath like, "What did I do?"

Oh, well.  It was a RUFF morning for us all! At least they love each other.  I caught them kissing each other.  I think they were saying, "I know, I got you sister!"

Speaking of the holidays, this would be beautiful worn during Christmas or for a Christmas gift.  It is Emerald with a Herkimer Diamond (double terminated quartz from Herkimer County, NY) and 24k vermeil style Karen Hill Tribe bead.  It hangs on a 14k gold filled chain.

Emerald Necklace

I also added these pieces to my Etsy shop that would be great as Christmas gifts!

(Click on Etsy shop to go directly to my shop or the titles to go to the listing.  If the lettering is in black, it is a link.)

Gorgeous!  Garnets, Black Tourmaline, Ethiopian Opal, Pink Sapphire and Karen Hill Tribe Beads on an oxidized Sterling Silver chain.

The charm is Karen Hill Tribe.  The silversmiths are in northern Thailand and use traditional tribal methods passed down from generations.  Each piece is handmade by primitive tools so there is a lot of work and detail that goes in to each bead and piece.  The silver content is higher (97%-99.5%) because of the methods used.  I absolutely love these beads and what they represent.

My custom made charm with my original artwork accented with Pink Tourmaline and Karen Hill Tribe beads on a 14k gold filled chain.

My custom made designed by myself charm with Pink Sapphire and Karen Hill Tribe Beads on an oxidized Sterling Silver chain.

Kyanite Earrings with Karen Hill Tribe Beads on 925 Sterling Silver Ear wire.


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