Thankful Thursday #17

I am so thankful for so many things everyday.

     We had a fun Halloween!  My day was scarier than I intended on it being.  I had my mammogram last week and I thought since I hadn't heard from them I must be in the clear.  They called me Monday morning and needed more images so I went on Halloween.  I felt like it would be ok, but you just never know. I was fine, but they took me and asked if I wanted my mom to come back with me for the results.  We were in a small room and I got really scared and my mom said as soon as we walked out that she was very nervous too.

For this week, I am very thankful for good results for me, my mom, and sister.  We always make our appointment on the same day. It keeps us accountable and is a reminder.

To me, one of the worst things is when you walk out and you see other women in the waiting room and you know according to statistics not everyone is going to walk out in relief.  I am sure that's why they take you somewhere else for the results, good or bad.  There is always some feeling of guilt because you know the fear you just felt before the results is only going to increase for so many.

I have calcium deposits.  That is very common and harmless most of the time, but mine are in my skin so they needed more pictures to line up.  I saw in the paperwork what looked like an order and I could tell the radiologist was taking specific pictures so I knew they were looking for something.  My body is so strange and does the more uncommon things so this wasn't shocking to me.

To all my sisters out there, make sure to take the time to get your screening.  As scary as it is to go and it's so, so uncomfortable, but it is so important to get checked.

We went to my brother's house for Halloween.  He cooked out hot dogs and my mom and his mother in law made chili.  We had a great time and I got to see all of my nieces and nephews dressed up.  One of my nephews loves Halloween.  When I would go crazy decorating my house, he would remember year after year and would notice if something was in a different place.  My youngest niece knows how scared I am of clowns so she decided to dress up as one!  As cute as she is, she was still a little scary looking.  For me anyway!

I also want to say I am thankful for my sister!  Her birthday was last weekend.  She is 3 years younger than me.  Sisters are God's built in best friends.  We had such a fun childhood and we are having even more fun raising our children together.  We named our girls after each other and we are godmothers to each other's kids.  I can't imagine not having her in my life, especially being a single mom.  She has such a special relationship with my kids.

I wish my daughter had a sister.  She is so close to her cousins,though, they are like sisters.  My brother only has one girl so she and Sydney have each other!  Sydney is really close to my sister's younger daughter.  She is 8 and acts like she is closer to 23, Sydney's age!  She loves Starbucks, selfies, and just has the funniest sense of humor.

I tell Sydney that when the boys get married their wives will be her sisters.  She is so close to Stratton's girlfriend and her sister.  I hope and pray his girlfriend is Sydney's sister-in-law one day.  I don't consider my brother's wife my sister-in-law.  She's just my sister in my heart!  (That goes for my brother-in-law too!)

I saw tons of picture on social media.  It looks like it was a great Halloween for many!  Costumes have come a long way, haven't they?!

I love this picture of me, my sister, and my brother.

This was the Christmas before our brother was born.  We had such a fun childhood.  I remember my mom doing needlepoint and making the hanging behind us.  It had sequins and was so pretty.

I love this too!  It was in the parking lot of the Daytona Hilton where we spent so many summers.

My sister with her godfather and her youngest child (the fifth!).  Her godfather was our cousin, but more like a grandfather.  He was such a sweet man and had a really strong faith.  My kids were really close to him and we miss him so much.  My sister named her youngest after him.  (My brother's younger son is also named after him.)

My sister's wedding day.  We grew up with her husband and brother.  It was a beautful day and so was she!

I have always loved this picture too.  We are with my dad's sister who I am pretty much her clone!  She has two sons, but couldn't have had a daughter more like her.  She was 14 when I was born so I spent a lot of time with her when I was little and was her flower girl in her wedding.

In honor of my sister's birthday, I made a new necklace I will be listing in my Etsy shop.

This is my custom charm and Sapphire beads accented by Karen Hill Tribe Silver Beads.  The chain is oxidized Sterling Silver and the wire holding the beads is Sterling Silver.

I wanted to highlight a necklace already listed in my shop.  The charm used for both necklaces is my design.  You won't find it anywhere else.  I call it my Friendship charm.  The Bible verses are about the way we should treat one another.  The beads are green and white Tree Agate and accented by Karen Hill Tribe Silver Beads.  The chain is Sterling Silver and the wire holding the beads is Sterling Silver.


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