Facebook Store

     It is so convenient to be able to shop online.  Too convenient sometimes!

I love ordering and having it sent to me.  I enjoy the mall at the holidays with the decorations.  It really gets you into the spirit. I remember going to see Santa Claus and shopping when I was younger.  We would make it a really fun event.  Back then, though, you had to go to the mall.  The atmosphere is fun, but the crowds are not.  I can't take crowds anymore.  With the world we live in and the bad things that happen, I don't think I am alone in worrying about public places.  You can't stay home.  You have to get out and enjoy life, but things are a lot different than they used to be.

I have my Etsy shop, but I realize not everyone likes to shop there.  I have my Facebook page and I am in the process of adding things to it.  There is a link in the sidebar along with my Instagram page, but this is a new link:  https://www.facebook.com/Sweet-Tea-and-Sisters-1284416688336801/

I will still be adding to my Etsy shop, but using Shopify on Facebook allows for more ways to pay and have items shipped to you.

I will do all the work and you just click and shop away!


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