Not A Fan Of Change

I don't usually like change.  I get comfortable with things and big changes are a little scary.  They can be good, I just get nervous.

When it comes to my jewelry and my shops, I am much more comfortable with change!  I have learned that things like mixing metal colors can be really pretty.  I grew up with the idea you wore one kind.  If you liked gold, you didn't mix white gold or silver.  I love mixing it up and it can be such a pretty look.  It makes me feel a little rebellious too!

The issue with having two shops is that most of my designs are one of a kind.  Even if I have a design I duplicate, beads like Karen Hill Tribe are handmade so no two are exactly the same.  Gemstones made in nature have all kinds of various colors and shapes so they too are impossible to get an exact copy.

I have never been one to follow the crowd or want what everyone else has.  I have always wanted different things.  I call it independent and unique.  I am sure my parents have called it stubborn!

Back to the issue of two shops is having an item you might want to buy, but it isn't in the shop you want to purchase from.  If you see something, I can easily swap it out for you.  That goes for ear wire too. (Or chain or clasps.)  I have different kinds I use and if you like a different style just send me a message through Etsy or Facebook or my email

I added these to my Etsy shop, but if you would rather make a transaction through my Facebook shop just let me know!

Black Tourmaline Pink Sapphire Sterling Silver Earrings


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