Tradition and Heritage Makes Everything More Special

     I just listed this pair of earrings on my Etsy shop.  The kids start college classes next week so it will be a little quieter around here and I have a lot of new things that have come in for me to work on.

     I love Thai Karen Hill Tribe beads. I have a little information about them on listings in my shop.  The Karen Hill Tribe are of Northern Thailand and they use traditional methods that have been passed from generations-to-generations of hand-tooling. Their work is unique in design and fine in details.  The silver content is 97.5-99% compared to Sterling Silver which is 92.5% silver.  The beads and charms are hand crafted with eyes for details and intricate by highly-skilled artisans.  I absolutely love using them.

     I have such an appreciation of heritage and tradition and what these artists produce is simply amazing. The pieces can be small and delicate but so detailed.  It's just beautiful work.

The steel gray and blue of the Kyanite beads is really pretty and the gold Vermeil Style disc beads are a perfect accent.  The ear wire and gold beads are Karen Hill Tribe.

   Karen Hill and Kyanite Earrings

As always, your purchase comes in a recycled box with my shop name on it.  There is a cotton fill and it will come with a non tarnish zip loc bag and a square of polish pad.


     I sold these earrings yesterday.  They are more beautiful in person than my terrible photography skills show on here.  I loved the way they turned out and am so tempted to put another pair in my shop.  Even though it is made with gemstones and the Karen Hill disc beads and no two are like, I still don't like to "copy" my designs.  There's no way to get another pair identical to these because of the natural materials, but I feel like it is really special to sell one of a kind items.  People go on Etsy to get the individual items and experience. If you want to see what you buy from my store on other people you might as well go to a department store.  I take pride in what I do and want my pieces to truly be unique.



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