Thankful Thursday #7

     I have so many things I am thankful for everyday.

     It's funny when our kids get older and start telling YOU things you might not want to hear, for YOUR own good.

     My youngest who is almost 19, told me the other day I drink way too much coffee.  He said every time he sees me I have a cup in my hand.  I thought he was exaggerating, but I am always having to get more from the store.

     I love it.  I always have.  The best thing about waking up is that first cup seeing my kids' beautiful faces. If I have to get up and get going without it, I feel like I can't move the rest of the day.  It doesn't matter how much I have the rest of the day, I never catch up to missing that first cup first thing.

     I also love hot chocolate.  My favorite is a salted caramel hot chocolate.  I am having problems with the heat and being hot, but then I have episodes where I feel like I am freezing and that's where the hot chocolate is a yummy, comforting treat.

     I also like the little fake-like marshmallows.  You would have thought I hit the lottery when I saw them being sold by the can.  I no longer had extra pouches of hot chocolate powder because I had used two pouches of marshmallows in one cup.

     I am so over the heat and am ready for Fall temperatures.  I start seeing Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations and it is like a conditioned response, I am craving flavored coffees and hot chocolate. Although, it seems like they bring out the Fall stuff after Valentine's Day.

     I was talking with my kids and we want to have an "adult" Halloween party.  By that I mean really scary decorations, no kiddie foods and guests out of high school.  I used to have Halloween parties when they were little and would invite their friends and cousins.  We had fun fair foods and I would have games all over the backyard with prizes from Oriental Trading in baskets like you would see at a Halloween Carnival. It was always so much fun.  I would have a big batch of apple cider, and of course, hot chocolate and coffee.  This party we can have more adult games and maybe a few pranks.

     I think I always loved Halloween because I was one of the weird, nerdy kids who loved school and the first day of a new year.  Halloween was the beginning of fun.  The next month was Thanksgiving, then on to Christmas.  It was always a fun time of year.

My mom would make vegetable soup a lot before we would go trick or treating when I was little.

Warm liquid, comforting, my favorite time of year.........I think I may be on something that contributed to my addiction love of coffee and hot chocolate!

Here's some interesting things about coffee (click here.)  #s 14, 25 and 36 are really interesting!

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