Prehnite Fall Earrings

     I am ready for Fall.  Although, here in the south we have two seasons instead of four.  It seems like it goes from a sauna to a freezer, then back again.  Once school starts, I am ready for fun Fall things.

     I have an unhealthy love of Halloween.  My aunt and uncle used to have a party every year when I was younger and they would go to Atlanta to rent costumes.  The party was always a big deal and my uncle was in politics so it was always a big party with different kinds of guests.

     I always joked with my aunt that when I finally got old enough to attend, they quit having it.  I got to go to one. She is crafty too and would do these great decorations and carve pumpkins into all kinds of things.  I remember their costumes.  My mom and did were gangsters and probably the best was the year my uncle was the devil and my aunt was a pregnant nun.  They always had a contest and the winner got a nice bottle of champagne.

     I posted these earrings yesterday getting ready for Fall colors.  I am going somewhere with my kids tonight and will cut this post short, but promise pictures tomorrow!

Prehnite and Karen Hill Tribe Rose Gold Earrings on Sterling Silver ear wire.  Find it here.


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