Moon Over Manic Monday

     There are just some days that feel different than the rest.  At Christmas, there is a warm, loving feeling even with all of the hustle and bustle. Mondays are crazy enough, but today is one of those days that you can just feel the energy bouncing off of everyone and all over the place.  It's like a full moon day, but on Red Bull.

     Traffic is crazy with people either getting to a place to see the eclipse or getting everything done before it happens.  Some schools where I live are dismissing late so kids aren't out or in buses trying to get home while the eclipse happens.  It's kind of scary the way it can harm your eyes looking at the sun.  Normally, it just hurts a little when it is bright, but today it can really harm your sight.  I have worn contacts for 35 years and without them or glasses I can't see, and I am diabetic, so I think I will play it safe and watch it on TV or see pictures.

     We thought welder helmets would work, but that's in question and on the news they said to use your phone or ipad on selfie with the sun behind you and look that way, but another source said that the lens of our phones can be damaged like our eyes.

     It is going to be interesting.  When it happened last I was just 8.  I have a pretty good memory of being really young, but I don't remember it. It's a strange thing.  Anything that we have no control over and the fact it will affect animals is a little unsettling. I am in Georgia, it is August, I will be looking forward to the few minutes of drop in temperature.

     Our world is in really scary times right now. With technology and advances, our lives should be easier but there is a lot of chaos today. I don't think our country has ever been so divided with emotions so high.

     I have read scientists question the darkness after Jesus was crucified saying it wasn't an eclipse because it lasted too long.  First of all, God is in the business of miracles and can do ANYTHING. He created everything the scientists question so He can absolutely defy science.  Secondly, there are so many examples of things He did that we can't explain.  Ourselves for one, but, hello? dividing the Red Sea, the Flood, the talking bush..... He made the moon and the stars so I wouldn't question anything.

     It does make me think of a few things.  The darkness after Jesus' death definitely symbolized the darkness of the world.  I think today we should be reminded that He is in control and wherever you are and however long you are in darkness we should recognize God isn't the electric company that comes with a warning that your lights are going to be shut off.  He has the power to do anything any time and He has to feel like His people all over the world are taking for granted what HE has given us and it has to hurt so badly that His children are treating each other the way we are.

     Maybe someone can help me or correct me, but I do find something really interesting.  Adam named "woman" Eve because it meant the mother of all living things.  I think that is what it meant.

     I think the word eve originates from or has to do with a word meaning "late."  It is for going towards the end of the day., before night.

     I find it really interesting that while Eve was the downfall of man (and woman) by falling into temptation and eating the apple sending us into "darkness" and despair while literally eve or evening is darkness.

     It is even more interesting that this total eclipse is happening at a time we need most to be reminded of God's love and power.  For just a few minutes, all over the country, we won't be doing or talking about anything but paying attention to this miracle.  Just a few moments of wonder.

     Wonder what God will be thinking?!

I listed this necklace in honor of the eclipse.  I have been wanting to make a lariat style necklace and the Karen Hill 24k gold vermeil style circle seemed appropriate.

Sterling Silver Lariat Necklace


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