Thankful Thursday #47

I am so thankful for so many things everyday.

Need some pretty new earrings for a beach trip???

I love water. I don't remember not knowing how to swim and I have always loved it.  My favorite thing to drink is water.  As much as I love water, I am afraid of the ocean.  But that doesn't have to do with the water, more like the sharks and other things that live in it!

There's nothing more relaxing than the sound of running water.  A brook or stream of water over rocks is just so refreshing, and makes me want to drink water!

I also love the color of blue. Oceans and lakes can be the prettiest color of blue and green.  One day, I want to live near a river, maybe in the mountains, and also have a place at a beach. I also want to travel to places where the color of water is the most beautiful shades of aqua blue and turquouise green.  Is it Greece that has the lovely royal blue color of water?  It looks like the blue ink of a pen in water.

Anyway, (I got sidetracked and daydream typing!) I am thankful for this string of beads.  They are absolutely gorgeous and my lack of photography skills does not do them justice.  Some are dark, some blue, some green, and some sparkly!  They are turquoise blue green Opals.

I made these earrings with the strand.  I made a few others while I was on the theme of blue and water colors!

These would look so pretty on vacation with beachy, summer wear......and, of course...... a tan!

Turquoise Blue Green Opal

Columbian Emerald, Carnelian, and Peridot

Turquoise Blue Green Opal and African White Opal

Pink Opal and Sleeping Beauty Turquoise

I will be posting these in my shop.  Keep a check, I have a few new things to add.  Things are a little calmer around here and I am getting caught up on things while waiting on two new charms to debut in the next week!  Stay tuned!  They are going to be stunning, fun, and with a great message.  I have a very special blog post for one of them!


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