Soooooo, This Happened

Happy Saturday and Happy Mother's Day Weekend!

Yes, I said weekend, because I think we moms deserve more than one day.  In our family, we have a birthday week, so Mother's Day and Father's Day generally last longer than a day too.

We have two little maltipoos.  I love these little dogs so much.  We didn't have dogs when I grew up and when my kids were growing up.  Well, we had one dog for about a week.  A friend lived in an apartment and was looking for a home for it and after about a day I understood why.  It was a pretty dog and had the spunkiest personality.  She was excessively active.  We had her in our backyard and two of my kids were a little afraid of her because she was a mid sized dog and would jump on you.  I have been afraid of dogs all of my life and I wouldn't go out in the backyard because she would jump so we found her a much needed farm to go to. We did miss her. One day I heard someone come in.  I don't know how, but she opened the door.  We had water bottles in the garage and one day she got the top off of one without spilling any.  She was a wonder dog and deserved more room than she had ever had to run and play.  Her name was Memphis.  I loved her name!

So, after years of begging, I finally gave in to my daughter almost four years ago and we got Mia.  She is a little maltipoo and we got her when she was a few weeks old.  She was the runt of the litter and is still little.  I knew I wouldn't be scared of a small dog.  She has always had anxiety and didn't like being left alone so two years ago we got her a sister.  Maggie is also a maltipoo.  These are THE sweetest little dogs.  I work from home so they are always with me.  We have our routines from morning to bedtime.

My girls

Soon after we got Maggie.  She was supposed to be a tea cup but is now 8 pounds, which is bigger than Mia.

Mia loves to jump from my bed whenever anyone comes into the house.  The alarm dings when the door opens, but they don't need that.  They bark BEFORE someone comes in or even rings the doorbell!  It fascinates me, but I can't hear anything so it is really amazing to me what they can hear.

I have a chair and ottoman by the bed, but she likes to give me a heartattack and jump straight off the bed.  I don't hear before the beep of the door, so I am just sitting and she barks and jumps while I jump out of my skin each time.

The other day she jumped and I saw her back leg almost buckle under her.  She couldn't get up for a couple of attempts and I thought she broke her leg.  She never cried, would let us touch it, and it didn't look broken.  I mentioned the anxiety earlier.  We aren't bad people, we just didn't rush her to the vet because she starts shaking taking her to the car.  We thought she might be getting better.  She started to put a little weight on it, but after a couple of days we decided to take her because we didn't want her hurting and not know.

This poor little thing snapped her ACL and had damage to her miniscus.  I got my kids through childhood and sports, including high school football, but this poor girl did it right and had to have surgery this week.

Soooo, we are taking good care of her and doing exactly what the vet has told us to do.  I feel so bad for her.  The cone makes me feel claustrophobic just looking at her.  Maggie has a knee that clicks so it looks like this won't be a random thing for us.

Her leg feels so strange and looks so different where they shaved it.

These little dogs have sat with me after my surgeries, especially Mia, who has been around for three of them.

This is a picture of her after my lumbar fusion two years ago.  She sat right next to me ready to jump up if I got up.

Maggie is my little shadow. Mia likes to sit in the den with the kids, especially when they have friends over.  She loves Stratton's girlfriend, Courtney.  Maggie always finds me, though, and sits with me.  If she thinks I am following her and she looks back and doesn't see me, she will find me.

This is an older picture too, but everyone needs to be looked at like that!

The good thing is Sydney graduated last Friday night and doesn't have anything starting up for a little bit so we can both take care of her.  She was so busy this semester it is kind of nice having some girl time.  All four of us girls!

Me and Sydney after her graduation!  I am so proud of her for so many things!

Sydney with my mom and dad.  She's the oldest of the eleven grandchildren so she's always been a little special to them.

Stratton and his girlfriend and Sydney's sweet friends who went with us to see her graduate!  I love them!

I will be able to get some work done too having her around.  I have a new logo to share soon with some new charms and I am working on new pieces for summer.

A lot of good things are coming soon including my new shop that will be in addition to my Etsy shop.  I will have different options and price ranges reflecting those options.

Mia and Maggie are excited too!  (They sit and watch me work and look so interested.)  I know they are excited because they told me so.  I am teasing, but we really do have our own language and they just get me.


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