Thankful Thursday #44

I am so thankful for so many things everyday.

I am thankful for my custom made charms.  I am thoroughly enjoying creating each one.  I do the artwork and design and work with great people to get the idea in my head onto a beautiful little charm.

I love making all of my jewelry pieces.  It's a business, but a creative outlet.  I have often said I only want to be successful if I send a positive Christian message and I hope that's what I do with these charms.

When I get a note of how much someone loves their charm or what a special meaning it has to them, it just is a great feeling.

I am so excited about the new ones I just got on Tuesday!  I have another design coming in on Monday and another at the end of the month and something really fun and unique for early June.  It's just in time for red, white, and blue and getting ready to celebrate July the 4th!

This is my new addition!

I think the retro theme is fun!  The white background is glitter.

I was born in '71 and I spent a lot of time with my aunt who was 14 when I was born.  I was influenced by very strong and independent women on both sides of my family.  This was an empowering time for women and I am thankful I soaked some of that up from the women in my family. I looked up to my aunt and I love a hippie look because I wanted to be just like her and that was the style of this decade.  I am so glad some of those looks are popular today.

I am adding these to my shop with Stainless Steel necklaces and leather necklaces.  The leather is genuine Indian leather with natural, lead free dye.  I have some really pretty colors of leather and they have a Sterling Silver lobster clasp and end cords.  I will be coming back and adding the links to the listings, but I wanted to share my new charm on this Thankful Thursday!


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