Thankful Thursday #46

I am so thankful for so many things everyday.

You should try to find the blessing in any situation.  I am in the current situation of having my poor, sweet little dog recovering from surgery and getting caught back up on Etsy listings and jewelry making.  The blessing is I have gotten to spend quality and quantity time with my daughter, Sydney.

It has taken both of us to care for poor Mia.  We didn't have dogs until her, four years ago, so we didn't know how this would go and we I soon realized the bad habits we were in with me being home all day with these two sweet dogs.

Sydney really is my best friend and she was so busy with school this last semester I have actually enjoyed her having to stay in and help.  Is that terrible of me???  Well, she and her brothers are always on the go, even though they all live at home, so I will take what I can get!

I am thankful Mia is on the mend and time with my girl.  My human girl, that is.  The kids tease me all the time that the dogs are my favorite.  It has been a long running joke that they claim my middle child, Shane, is my favorite but I have told them many times I love them all the same.  He said not too long ago "It was a good run being the favorite until Mia and Maggie got here." 

I told them they were being silly, of course I love my children more, but these sweet little dogs can't talk back, love me no matter what, and are always here with me.  I realize they have no choice, but again, I will take what I can get!

Here are two of my favorite pictures of me and Sydney.

I had this as my profile picture on Facebook.  On the left is Sydney with me at my college graduation and a picture of her in her cap and gown photo session a few weeks ago.

Here are all three of my kids and me on vacation last year.

I will put the listings I have added on Etsy below.  I have my new peace sign "can i get an amen" necklaces, the glow in the dark cross charm necklaces. I have even added a listing for one of the amen charms and a choice of the glow in the dark charms.  I have a new design coming in next week and three more within the next 3 weeks and they are all the same 3/4" size and look really good with more than one on the chain.  I will be adding some bracelet choices too.

It has been a full time job the last couple of weeks, but look at this cute little face! 

She had her first physical therapy and laser therapy appointment yesterday.  She's been a trooper and finally got to remove the cone.  That thing would have driven me nuts!  I had to wear an electrical stimulator neck brace for a couple hours a day after my neck fusion a few years ago to make sure it all healed correctly so I think I empathize with her.

This is Mia and Maggie on my bed.  Yes, those are kitchen and dining room chairs I have put around my bed to make almost a play pen out of it. I know it looks ridiculous, but I am not fast enough to get her if she forgets she can't jump and they are used to being on my bed (she was trying to jump up to get me to let her up on it) so I just did this.  It looks like they are trying to figure out an escape, but when I get them down they just want right back up.

There are blessings in everything, though sometimes they are harder to find, they are there.

You can click here to get to my Etsy shop or click on the titles to go to the specific listing.

Peace Sign Custom Charm Necklace

Glow In The Dark Cross Charm Necklace

"Can I Get An Amen and Glow In The Dark Charm Necklace


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