Thankful Thursday #31

i am so thankful for so many things everyday.

Any occasion that gets people together to have fun and good food is something to be thankful for.  I have always enjoyed Super Bowl Sunday.  Even when I didn't watch football at all it was fun to get together with family and friends and have a party.

The Super Bowl is always around my birthday and usually falls on the weekend before and has even fell on my birthday.  I have had birthday parties on Super Bowl Sunday so that's probably another reason I like it.

It's for everyone.  If you don't like football, it's worth watching to see the half time show.  If you aren't into that, the commercials are fun to watch.  It's the only time you go to the restroom during the main event so you don't miss the commercials.

Ok, maybe not for the guys, but most girls would miss the game instead of the commercials.

They are always great.  I remember one year when my brother's wife was finishing up her college classes she had to analyze the commercials and do a presentation about them.

BAM! There you go!  Super Bowl Sunday is educational! If you had to call in sick or go into work late because of watching the game last weekend then at least you won't feel so guilty.

There were good commercials last weekend.  My favorite was the Dorito Blaze commercial.  The Manning, Dirty Dancing one was pretty good too!

The Blaze was the best, in my opinion.  The Mountain Dew Ice that followed was really good, but I really liked the Blaze.

In honor of my vote for best Super Bowl commercial I have earrings made from  Mexican Fire Opal.

Mexican Fire Opal Sterling Silver Earrings

And, because you can't have a little fire without ice........

Aquamarine Sterling Silver Earrings

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