Thankful Thursday #29

I am so thankful for so many things everyday.

I can't believe this is Thankful Thursday #29.  It is easy to list things I am thankful for, but having 29 weeks of postings is something great.

I had a post ready for today.  I struggled with the wording a little bit and didn't feel like I clearly made a point, but it was ready.  I think I struggled for a reason.

I opened up my Facebook this morning and a really good friend of mine had shared a video and as I watched it I realized I had my Thankful Thursday #29 post.

I am, by nature, an impatient person.  I have never had much patience at all.  The older I get (and more mistakes I make) I realize just how important patience and timing is.  I try to share that with my kids, but, well, they are MY kids and all have some impatience in them.  I also think it is their ages. (19, 21, and almost 24.)

I did my Thankful Thursday #23 post about coincidences and the fact that I don't really believe in them as "strange occurrences" as much as divine intervention and "signs."

This morning was one of those times I shut out impatience and let a message take over and re-wrote my post.

I love football.  I haven't always, but my 21 year old son, Shane, played in high school and even though I still don't understand it completely I really enjoy watching.  He has friends who play for different colleges and it is fun watching them, even when they play each other!  My son was blessed with opportunities to play college football but took a different path.  He did the prayer before games and wanted to be a youth pastor.  Our church didn't have a youth pastor when he was getting college offers and being very close to our church pastor, my son took on the title as youth leader and led the youth group at our church for two years instead of playing college football.

My dad battled Hodgkins Lymphoma twice while Shane was in high school.  The second time, my dad got a stem cell transplant.  Thank the Lord he has been in remission since, but family is very important to Shane and he missed being around family just playing football in high school.  He knew if he played college he would really not be around and we all learned just how precious time with family is to us.

He isn't the youth leader at church anymore, but he is coaching a couple of high school football players from two local schools in off season and is going to be helping a former coach at a high school when they start back up.  His heart is in strength and conditioning and helping young athletes prevent injuries and if they have them recovering correctly. He has a God given gift of understanding the body especially in sports and he is head trainer at his gym.  On top of college, he will get his Associates this summer and then go on to a Kinesiology program, he has certification in different training including Cross Fit and Opex training.

I love Tim Tebow.  I think it is great young guys have him for a role model.  He sent a message to so many. It made putting God in football for young guys a more "trendy" thing rather than embarrassed by their faith.

I have tons of action shots of Shane playing football. I am very proud of those, but the ones I am most proud of are the ones he is praying over the team before the game.

My Thankful Thursday #23 post was about his football number and just one of the many things that happen to us with that number.

I saw this video on Facebook and just because it is Tim Tebow is enough to share it, but it has an amazing message I had never heard from him before.

I will save the post I had ready for another time and listen to that little voice that told me to post this video.  Maybe it will have a significance to someone reading this or just reach someone somehow.  Whatever the purpose may be, even if it is just a reminder to myself, no matter how impatient I may be I ALWAYS listen to that voice.

You can find the video on You Tube by searching Tim Tebow For God So Loved the World.

If this has some significance to you, please share.  Your story might be the reason for this post and have a meaning or influence someone else.


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