Thankful Thursday #26

I am so thankful for so many things everyday.

Everyone loves comfort food.  There's always that one dish that makes you feel better.

Well, I love comfort TV.

My family loves TV and we have one in every room and place furniture according to being able to see the TV.  If I think my cable may go out I panic.  I can always find something to watch.  It's crazy how many channels we have now and different ways to watch television and movies like through Amazon and Netflix.  My kids find it so hard to believe that when I was growing up we had just a very few channels.  We lived for Saturday mornings to watch cartoons and stayed glued to the TV all Saturday morning because we didn't have a channel devoted to cartoons all day every day.

We are so into TV, I gave all my kids portable DVD players for Christmas.  They commute to school and sometimes have that one or two hour break in between classes so I got them a DVD player so they can watch their favorites while having lunch or during their break.  They all love Friends.  They know a couple of people who haven't watched it and I will be honest, I don't think I trust anyone who hasn't watched Friends.

One of my favorite shows is The Goldbergs.  I was watching last night and it was about The Golden Girls.  I don't think there is anyone who hasn't sang along to the theme song.  If you won't admit you have sang along, I bet you know every word. Everyone loves this show and everyone wants friends like Blanche, Rose, Dorothy, and Sophia. We can relate to at least one of the characters.  I am sure I love The Goldbergs because it is all about the '80's.  I graduated high shcool in '89, so I love all the references.

Some classics are like comfort food to me.  The Andy Griffith Show is like that for me. I remember watching it at dinner time on TV trays.  I think almost everyone also knows the tune. If you can whistle you have probably whistled along!  I can't whistle or snap.

I can't sing either, but it never stopped me from singing along to "Thank You For Being A Friend."

I made this pair of earrings for January birthdays.  It is pretty faceted Garnets with a Karen Hill Tribe 24k Gold Vermeil Style free form disc bead.  They hang from beautiful Sterling Silver threaders.  This is a classy, stylish pair that will make a beautiful gift for someone with a January birthday and the red color can be worn right into February for Valentine's Day.  The pair would also make a gorgeous Valentine's Day gift!

January Birthstone Valentine's Day Garnet and Sterling Silver Threader Earrings (click the title to go straight to my Etsy listing)



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