Baby, It's Cold Outside

Need a piece of jewelry to pretend it's Spring???

When I am cold and wearing a jacket, you know it's cold outside.

I stay hot and hate to wear a jacket so when I put one on the temperature is definitely low!  I always get in trouble with my grandmother if it is cold and she sees me without a coat.  It is my age, but I have a door that goes to our deck from the kitchen and there are moments when I open the door for a second in the winter just to cool off.

That hasn't happened this week.  In fact, I have turned up the heat.  This "Bomb Cyclone" thing that is happening on the East coast is so crazy.  I have never heard of anything like it. But, then again, we had a hurricane reach North Georgia this Fall so I guess anything goes!

I have stayed in and enjoyed working on new pieces with new materials.  I know Christmas is over, but the green in this pair of Chrome Diopside Sterling Silver earrings represents the green of Spring......which can't get here fast enough!  I even have pretty Sterling Silver flowers to at least dream of warmer weather.

Chrome Diopside Flower Sterling Silver Earrings

I also made these pretty pieces.  The Blue Crazy Lace Agate beads are so pretty up against the orange Moonstone beads.  I also love the way the necklaces turned out!  The "Om" White Topaz Pendant can get us through the cold.  (Click on any title to go straight to the listing.)

Blue Crazy Lace Agate Orange Moonstone Sterling Silver Earrings

Orange Peach Moonstone Bar Necklace with Pave Diamond Spacer on 14k Gold Filled Chain

"Om" White Topaz Charm Oxidized Sterling Silver Chain with Garnet and Opal Necklace

And, this might be my favorite.

Pave Diamond Cross Charm with Opals on an Oxidized Sterling Silver Chain

                 ~ Stay warm, y'all!


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