Thankful Thursday #28

I am so thankful for so many things everyday.

There's one thing, besides Christmas, that makes adult southerners act and feel like kids.  Something that causes all kind of excitement in the south......SNOW.

I realize everything shuts down and closes over what could be considered a dusting up north, but the south doesn't know how to handle snow because we don't get it that often.

We have some winters that not one snowflake makes a presence.  We don't have chains for tires, they would just take up space and collect dust in our garages.  We don't have the right clothing gear for snow either.  If you see a southerner buying heavy snow clothes, they are probably going on a skiing trip...out of state....up north.

We had what we consider a large amount of snow in early December.  It had been warm so without the ground or roads being cold, it didn't cause much trouble.  It did stick around for a few days, though, because we got so much.  We have had really cold weather for days now.  If it had been as cold as it has been lately when we got the snow in December, Georgia would have been shut down and closed for a week.

We were told we had a chance of snow Tuesday, but the weather is so tricky here we don't always believe it.  They kept saying it was coming, just not a whole lot.  I went to bed Tuesday night at midnight with nothing and woke up to a decent amount of snow yesterday morning.

I am thankful for those rare snow days in the south where it is pretty and schools and businesses are closed and we get to stay in all day.  My kids are all in college.  They live at home and commute to a local university, but they are always on the go.  It's not often we are all home at the same time so I love days where they are stuck in!

I enjoyed them being home and cooked dinner for everyone, but I did make a couple of "snow day" inpsired earrings.

I think we enjoy it more in the south because it doesn't last long and we don't have to shovel our way out of our homes.  It's fun snow without all the work.  It begins melting fast and a big snow event for us is inches.  Things shut down and we get a "vacation."  Up north everything keeps going and more work is added because of so much white stuff.

The dark blue Sapphire beads and light "ice" blue Aquamarine beads have a winter look with hearts for upcoming Valentine's Day.

Sapphire and Aquamarine Sterling Silver Threader Earrings

THEN....... we get antsy around here and are ready for Spring the day after Christmas so I also have sunny yellow and flower earrings for Spring.

Extremely Rare Ceylon AAA Orange Padparadscha Sapphire Sterling Silver Flower Earrings

These dainty, wonderful little Sapphires are rare enough in their usual Fanta Orange color, but these are definitely a find in the clear, more yellow color.

We just don't see snow often, so when we do it causes all kinds of giddiness.  (Is that a word?!) And, a shortage of bread, milk, and eggs.


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