Thankful Thursday #24

I am so thankful for so many things everyday.

I am so thankful for online shopping.  I am also thankful for shipping companies who are working so hard right now getting packages where they need to go in time for Christmas.

I don't like crowds and I am the odd girl who never really liked the mall.  I love being able to do my Christmas shopping at home and having my things brought to my house.  It really is an amazing thing!

I also don't care for the traffic just trying to get to the mall!  I grew up in such a small town and we had to drive several miles to get to a mall when I was young.  Now, we have a mall and tons of stores and restaurants, but we can't get to them sometimes even though they are less than 5 miles away because of the traffic.

Speaking of the convenience of online shopping, I also love that we can order take out online!

I was especially thankful this week for our delivery companies when I received my new custom charms.

I chose the song, "Morning Has Broken" for these along with really pretty colors. I have so many memories from my childhood in church with this song.  I also love that it expresses every day is a new day made by God and a blessed day. We should sing and "praise" the day God has given us.  My artwork is in silver and has a little bit of a different dimension to them.  I am so excited about them and can't wait to post pretty pieces with them!

It is amazing how these come together from my drawings, to pictures, to my computer, the company, the factory, and shipment receiving these little treasures! I am always so excited to get them.

I would love feedback for the next ones I have in the works.  I have done charms with different colors, artwork in silver and black, and the Friendship charm is 3D and all silver. I would love to know which ones you like most as well as least.


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