Saturday Football in the South

     I wasn't much of a football fan until my son started playing in 8th grade.  I had been around it all my life, but had no idea of the rules or how it is played.  I am still clueless on some things, but can at least have a semi-intelligent conversation about it.  Well, I talk to my son who is now 21, and if I am not making sense he is probably too nice to tell me.  He was a three year starter in high school and his team won state all three of those years. I didn't miss a thing.  The bleachers weren't helpful to my back, but I wasn't about to miss anything!

     Growing up, my dad and grandfather coached youth football teams.  My little brother tried football, but he never really took to it.  My younger son who will be 19 (!!!) Monday, didn't play long either.  My brother started the golf team at our high school and my younger son is SO much like him in so many ways, that is what he played in high school.

     It's funny because I am from a really small town, well it used to be, and my mom's high school and my dad's high school were huge rivals.  Growth has changed so many things around here and we aren't in the same class or even rivals anymore.  I started out in elementary school that would go into my mom's high school, but changed over to my dad's in middle school.  Growing up, everyone from one school knew everyone from the other so I had a lot of childhood friends at our rival school.  I also had a lot of family there too! 

     In college, I also spent two years at the University of Georgia.  I still wasn't a big fan of football, but game day in Athens sure was fun!

I made these two pieces and just listed them because my mom's high school team won their semi final game last night and they are headed to state championship next weekend!  They are red and black and bulldogs.  UGA is playing today and also being the colors red and black I am showing my school spirit for them as well!

This picture is the only year I did cheerleading. I cheered for my mom's high school. I didn't cheer, but I played softball and tennis in high school.


It's kind of funny because I look more comfortable than my little sister who ended up cheering all through high school and dating and marrying her high school sweetheart and football player.

This is my little brother one Christmas getting his football stuff while me and my sister cheered and my dad and grandfather coached several youth teams.  I love when they run into former players.  They all just love my dad and grandfather still!

He was a little confused about what he wanted to be when he grew up.  It's such a cute picture, though!

Go Dawgs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (High school and College!)

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