Thankful Thursday #22

I am so thankful for so many things everyday.

It's funny how the "little things" can make this time of year even better.  I love scented candles.  Certain scents can spark memories.  Of course, the ones that smell like Christmas trees are most associated with Christmas time.

We had an artificial tree for years.  I have allergies and trees are definitely one of the things that bothers me.  That along with grass, weeds, and basically all outdoors!  When the kids were little, I was worried about fires with a real tree and they have allergies too.  I always hated it when one of them was sick for Christmas.  So many illnesses are passed around this time of year so I didn't want allergies on top of it.

When it became just me and the kids, we wanted to start new traditions so going to pick out a real tree was our new thing.  I love the way they smell and we would go get coffee or eat dinner before, just something to have a new tradition for the four of us.

We are a little behind this year.  They are trying to finish exams so I don't know if we will get a real one.  When they were little I liked decorating as early as I could so they could enjoy it as long as possible.  Now, they are able to help so the decorating has become more of a fun event.  We don't do near as much as we used to because after Christmas nobody wants to spend a whole day taking it down!

This is why I am thankful for scented candles.  We have been burning our favorites so at least it smells like Christmas until we can get it looking like it!

Speaking of greatness with little things, I made some very dainty, delicate earrings.  I will be posting them in my shop today.  They are pink Opals, London Blue Topaz, and Chocolate Moonstone.  The little things can make a big statement!


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