Thankful Thursday #59

I am so thankful for so many things everyday.

I know I am far from the only person disturbed by the way people treat each other today.  It is everywhere and basic respect for other people feels nonexistent.

We all have different views.  Our beliefs and way of thinking comes from our individual experiences and how we interpret those experiences.  Our perception is then affected and formed by those experiences.

Even kids growing up in the same home, with the same parents, and same opportunities can have different perceptions about life simply because of birth order.  An older child sees things totally different than a middle child or even the baby of the family.

I am thankful for the words humility and grace, I just wish they were used more often.

You just can't treat others like they have no value.  You can't think you are above anyone because of money, education, color of skin, or job position. In God's eyes, we are ALL his children and he sees us the same.

It seems unfair that a person can be a terrible human being, a serial killer, commit sin after sin and then ask for forgiveness and be given it while another person lives a much purer life.  That's grace, God's grace, and while it seems kind of unfair at times, I am just thankful He has grace and forgives all of us. The reward of someone who seems "less sinful" is the more sense of peace that person feels.

We aren't supposed to be proud and treat people we feel are beneath us badly.  You just can't treat someone like they have no value because in God's eyes we are all of equal value to Him.

There are hidden qualities in people sometimes, or maybe they just aren't as boastful about those qualities.

Australia is known for having the world's best Opals, but the oldest Opal mines in the world are in Honduras.  Opal mines in Honduras are found within volcanic black basalt. I was very blessed to get my hands on some Honduran Black Matrix Opal. These are more durable than most Opals and because of their being so porous, they are often placed in a warm resin bath to keep them from taking on other substances.  They have become so rare and unique because the process of getting to them is so difficult.  The trail to them is only 3 feet wide and the boulders of black basalt are hand chiseled and the pieces have to be brought back down the hillside by donkeys.

These beautiful treasures are galactic looking. In certain light you get sparks of electric blue, fire red, and neon green. They are almost like a picture of outer space.  Just beautiful, wonderfully and uniquely made precious material.

I am so into Rainbow Moonstone and Opal right now. I love the surprising beauty and unique characteristics that you see when you really look into them.

If we could just look at people the same way. Everyone has God given beauty and unique characteristics that shine in just the right light. Sometimes you have to have a little patience, but when you start seeing the sparks of beauty, more and more sparks come into view.

This is a necklace I made with Honduran Opal along with Ethiopian Welo Opal, Rubies, and Sapphires on Sterling Silver chain and Sterling Silver head pins and jump rings.  The lobster claw clasp is also Sterling Silver.  All of the metal pieces have an anti-tarnish treatment.  All Sterling Silver turns at some point and you still have to treat it with care, but the treatment will help preserve the silver a little better.

 Honduran Black Opal Gemstone Cluster Sterling Silver Necklace


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