Thankful Thursday #61

I am so thankful for so many things everyday.

I haven't abandoned my blog, I have just had a lot going on.  Good things.  Exciting things with my jewelry and being the one boss and employee I am trying to juggle it all.

Today, I am thankful for stories.  We all love a good tale.  There's a reason shows like "This Is Us" and others take a hold of our interest.  We see ourselves in characters of shows, movies, and books and then we get invested in time and emotion and want to "see what happens."

Everyone has a story.  Each and every single person is significant, special, and has his/her own story to tell.

So many things make up who we are.  Experience is a big one.  Then, there's the people around us.  Good and bad, they shape us and influence other relationships.

It's amazing how the mind works.  We can see something, smell something and it can spark a memory.

Georgia is always a little late in the game and this year is no exception.  She didn't get the memo it is Fall until late last week.  We finally have had some Fall like weather.

My 16 year old nephew was at my house last Sunday and he said he either turned on the heat in his truck or they turned it on in the morning to take the chill off either way he said the smell of heat reminded him of Christmas.

ONLY in Georgia can the smell of turning on heat, sometimes for the first time, be close enough to Christmas to smell like it!

I am glad Georgia is finally in the Fall spirit, although we can expect fluctuations and occasional "warm spells" at pretty much any time in the next few months.  I finally put out a couple of Halloween decorations last weekend.  I usually go overboard, but I have been so busy I know I will be taking them down very soon and I will just wait a couple of weeks and go ahead with Christmas decorations.

I couldn't resist this sign when I saw it!

Why not?  It has looked like Christmas in stores for weeks even if it hasn't smelled like it yet!

I made a few new things to add to my Etsy store. I have gotten a lot of new things in and am expecting more.  I have a new pendant coming in next week and I am SOOOOO excited about it.  I have three more in production and two more in the design/revision phase.  I absolutely love creating these charms and the people I work with to get them made.

Here's a few pictures of my new things and if you don't shop on Etsy, but would like to buy a piece please comment here or my email is Also, I am on Instagram, you can click on the camera icon to go to my page, and you can message me there.  I have methods of payment that allows me to sell outside of Etsy if you see something here or on Instagram.

I hope everyone has a great Fall weekend. Enjoy the pumpkin patches, hay rides, apple picking, and Halloween parties.  Because, soon, it will more than smell like Christmas, it will be here!

New Listings:

Cluster Earrings

Chyrsoprase and Emerald Rose Gold Filled

Honduran Black Opal Sterling Silver

Honduran Black Opal Boulder Opal Sterling Silver

Here are a few new pieces I will be listing later today.  Keep checking my Instagram and Etsy shop.  I have SO MUCH new stuff to make and add!


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