Thankful Thursday #54

I am so thankful for so many things everyday.

I am so thankful I get to do fun adult things with my kids.

Everyone is always so busy and it's hard for me to get the three of them together.  They live at home, but everyone is in and out all the time.

I know how to get their attention, though.  There are certain meals that get them all running and certain fun events too that reel them in.

We didn't get to go on a "family" vacation because of their schedules so I got concert tickets for this past weekend and rented a limo and they asked their boyfriend, girlfriends, and a few friends to go with us.

We went to see Chicago and Reo Speedwagon and it was so much fun!  We could have just ridden in the limo all night and had fun.

I didn't mind the little bit of a splurge since we didn't go on a vacation.

These are a few pictures from our fun night.

I made this pair of earrings for myself to wear.

I just got in some really pretty Sterling Silver chain that is anti tarnish.  I can not wait to work with it!


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